mad for plaid and two tone shoes

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just like Chelsea and Martha, I’ve been mad for plaid this fall and I too adore the combination of plaid dresses and saddle shoes.

{from toast, apc, bass and toms}

13 Responses to “mad for plaid and two tone shoes”

  1. katy said:

    I totally feel the same way. As a TOMS addict, I’m pretty sure I’ll pick up several pair of the new lace-ups…

  2. Nancy said:

    i am in process of making a plaid dress and acquired the two tone shoes by jeffrey campbell (saraid) a few months ago!

  3. debbie said:

    i’ve got my eye on those shoes on the right. so cute!

  4. jones said:

    the toast plaid is amazing. love the color combination.

  5. Teresa said:

    LOVE those dresses … and sooo adorable with the shoes!

  6. Cathy said:

    Hi Alyson,

    Two tone shoes are on my shopping list. I used to live in Chucks, and it’s such a cute step up. And I love the design of your site. Bookmarked! =)