new hubble photographs


the first images from the new camera on the Hubble Telescope.

space is rad.

{thanks babe.  you know how to make my day!}

14 Responses to “new hubble photographs”

  1. Elise said:

    This is incredible…It makes me feel so small….

  2. abigail said:

    I saw these earlier today and gasped out loud. incredible.

  3. Vivi said:

    Amazing. That top one looks like a bear in motion. Really amazing.

  4. meleia said:

    I went to a design conference years ago and one of the speakers was the Creative Director at NASA – and she was the person in charge of creating the colors for the pics from the hubble! I mean how would one even go about getting that job, pretty amazing. Apparently the photos they get back are in black and white and they add in color? Or something like that?

  5. Sarah said:

    This is so amazing. To think, that all this is out there!

  6. Sasha K. said:

    Wow, that first one is gorgeous. Wish I could buy a print.

  7. Allison Lu said:

    there is a lot going on up there! these pictures are so beautiful.

  8. kels said:

    aaaaahhh, i love space too!!! these are breathtaking.

  9. jen said:

    holy nebula. i am always so captivated by these shots – for so many reasons…