our secret to a happy relationship…


while Joanna’s out on her honeymoon, she’s asked a wonderful round-up of bloggers their secret to a happy relationship.  you can see mine here.

congratulations lady!

7 Responses to “our secret to a happy relationship…”

  1. A Merry Mishap said:

    I saw this, so sweet! I know what you mean with the pie, it’s apple pie for my husband!

  2. Erin said:

    One of the coolest series ever. I’m book marking every entry as I prepare for my wedding!

  3. vee said:

    photobooth pics= instant happiness! love! :)

  4. Marta Mourão said:

    These pictures are so cute.
    (Alyson, are you still going to The Philippines?)

  5. francesca said:

    you guys are amazing <3 i hope to make it to portland, maybe over this holiday season. a meet-up is waaayyy overdue.