Monthly Archives: September 2009


hunter clogs

Picture 6

I can’t decide whether these clogs would be totally ridiculous or they would save me from those drizzly days ahead.  I’ve got a pair of rain boots that I just never wear and the thought of a shoe I could just slip into sounds quite nice.


oh yea… and I finally bought Toms!  seriously, like walking on clouds.


hello + my fall essentials

Picture 3

good morning and happy Monday to all!  a rare phenomenon happened this morning.  I woke up and it didn’t feel like Monday.  no idea why, but strangely enough, it feels more like Wednesday or something, which is odd, I know.

this week I’m guest blogging on Serendipity for my wonderful blog-friend Sarah while she’s away on a long delayed honeymoon in Greece!  lucky her!  today I posted about my favorite fall essentials.  check it out!