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Long Distance

Hi! It’s me, Roberta Jane… It’s been big fun guest blogging for Unruly-Things and being in such great blogging company!

Today I wanted to introduce you to a little series at Camp Comfort called “Ask Camp Comfort“, where readers of the blog can write in with style questions & inquires. Recently Camp Comfort reader, Sarah, wrote in looking for some style suggestions for her long distance plane ride to Australia.

Looking great while also feeling comfortable for a long flight can be a challenge – Here’s my foolproof outfit for flying in style.


A cute knit dress, leggings, soft-soled tennies, a large scarf to double as a blanket and a big tote to carry all the necessary plane-ride entertainment and accessories. And P.S. don’t forget to pack a pair of cute socks in your carry-on, planes are ALWAYS cold!

What is your go-to plane look??

Uniqlo Dress ($19.50), F21 Leggings ($4.50), Gap Plaid Scarf ($16.99), LL Bean Boat & Tote ($49), TOM’S Shoes ($54).


Thread Social Resort

Thread Social 1Thread Social 3Thread Social 4

These dresses from Thread Social are so party worthy it’s not even funny. They are the perfect mix of quirkiness and simplicity. They are the kind of dresses that girls buy when they happen upon them in a boutique without having a specific event to wear them to in mind. Credit card beware…


Steal My Heart

Picture 17

One of the first things Alyson and I bonded over was our shared love for all things Anthropologie. And I know many of you are hooked as well! After browsing the new Fall arrivals for a bit I ended up with a LONG list of pieces I am pretty sure I will not be able to live without this Autumn.

Some of my recent favorites include: An Oversize Pullover, A Long Statement Skirt, The Perfect Little Lingerie Set (very Mad Men), A Hat I Would Wear Everyday, The Cutest Orange Jacket (couldn’t you see Ms. Zooey Deschanel in this!), A Convertible Bag (perfect for everyday toting). In fact, I might just wear these all together as one outfit (in my dreams of course!)

Picture 21 Picture 18

Perfect Porcelain

Samantha Robinson Tea Pot

Each piece of porcelain from Samantha Robinson’s collection is so exquisitely beautiful I think I would have a hard time actually using them. They are all handmade and they seem to blend perfectly no matter what combination one chooses. I think I might have to get over my phobia and begin by investing in that lovely tea pot.

bowl7 Samantha Robinson Bowls


Check out her website for more of her work.


(via: Heart Handmade)


square magic

After years of using a holga, I decided to upgrade my love for medium format photography to a Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex. I was largely inspired to buy this camera after seeing one of my favorite photographers on flickr (feaverish) post lovely photos he took with his. Here are some other medium format photos that inspire me to get out and shoot more with mine! There’s something so dang magical about square format.

gulls by feaverishRene Piirkop
cat by alleysxiu×5