Perfect Porcelain

Samantha Robinson Tea Pot

Each piece of porcelain from Samantha Robinson’s collection is so exquisitely beautiful I think I would have a hard time actually using them. They are all handmade and they seem to blend perfectly no matter what combination one chooses. I think I might have to get over my phobia and begin by investing in that lovely tea pot.

bowl7 Samantha Robinson Bowls


Check out her website for more of her work.


(via: Heart Handmade)

4 Responses to “Perfect Porcelain”

  1. Maggie said:

    WOW! Must get that price list asap for gift season!

  2. Chaucee said:

    I also love this collection. Can’t wait to add a few to my personal stash!

  3. rachel said:

    i love how they’re so rustic and feminine, and that teapot is especially lovely.

  4. Kristina said:

    ooooh, I bought one of her little cups at the Paddington market in Sydney at the very beginning of our honeymoon! I spent the ensuing month making sure it was carefully nestled in among my clothes at all times so it wouldn’t break.

    If Sydney had been our last stop instead of our first, I SURELY would have come home with a whole collection. Alas.

    how exciting to see her work on a blog!