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I just signed up to take Andy Kane’s screen printing workshop here in Portland this month and I’m so excited!  Andy wrote me a few days ago to let me know about his recent move to Portland and his workshops.  I did some silk screen printing when I was in college and made some pretty cool shirts and posters that I still have.  I’ve been wanting to get back into it, so I was absolutely thrilled when I opened up Andy’s email.

Andy just relocated to Portland from San Francisco and is now offering workshops all over the West Coast!  to see his schedule or to sign up for a workshop, visit his website here.  it sounds like it’ll be an amazing class.  I’ll be taking the class two weeks from now on Saturday September 26th and if you’re in Portland, I’d love to see you there too!!

10 Responses to “screen printing workshops”

  1. Sam said:

    I just bookmarked his site a few days ago so I can take a class in SF; I can’t wait to hear how it goes…

  2. sarah jane said:

    love this!! i am taking painting again. dying to take screenprinting;) have fun.

  3. afton said:

    i’m taking a screenprinting class too! my friend lauren and i are doing it together at pnca. we’ll have to do some holiday gift printing!

  4. A Merry Mishap said:

    This is exactly what I need!
    I got a screen printing kit for Christmas last year but I just can’t get the hang of it!

  5. H. Elise said:

    I love screenprinting, seeing that first print is the best!Have fun!

  6. Roberta Jane said:

    I want to do this with you! Let’s talk about it at beer-shindig on Saturday

  7. Liz Stanley said:

    i’m taking his screen printing class in san francisco! too bad you just moved, would have been fun to meet you.

  8. sirine rached said:

    what’s the basic difference between screenprinting and stencil-poaching?

  9. tiffany said:

    I took his class in San Francisco a few weeks ago — super fun! You’re going to have a blast!