Steal My Heart

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One of the first things Alyson and I bonded over was our shared love for all things Anthropologie. And I know many of you are hooked as well! After browsing the new Fall arrivals for a bit I ended up with a LONG list of pieces I am pretty sure I will not be able to live without this Autumn.

Some of my recent favorites include: An Oversize Pullover, A Long Statement Skirt, The Perfect Little Lingerie Set (very Mad Men), A Hat I Would Wear Everyday, The Cutest Orange Jacket (couldn’t you see Ms. Zooey Deschanel in this!), A Convertible Bag (perfect for everyday toting). In fact, I might just wear these all together as one outfit (in my dreams of course!)

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17 Responses to “Steal My Heart”

  1. Sara Walk said:

    oh how i love your blog!!! and i LOVE your taste! I just posted that fantastic skirt on my blog almost a week ago. And yes I am hooked on Anthropologie too :)

  2. Heather said:

    That coat is so adorable! I must have it! Thanks for sharing these great finds!

  3. erica said:

    nice finds, roberta! i love that sweater, and the long skirt….

  4. Dog-Eared said:

    ooh, it’s all so pretty; i wish i could wear it all at once! (and not look crazy..)

  5. Chaucee said:

    I am in love with that orange coat! The cute ruffles and buttons are adorable.

  6. Liz said:

    I LOVE the lingerie set…and the coat..and it all…have been lamenting over and over again the lack of anthropologie in the UK…

  7. Ashley Dailey said:

    The orange coat with the blue lingerie underneath, and I’m all set. Very Joan from Mad Men. :)

  8. Erin said:

    too true. I’m avoiding the store like the plague right now to protect my bank account!

  9. pam said:

    the burnt orange jacket is co very cute!

  10. juste said:

    Love the last four photos, that colors, way so fits together! And everything looks so cozy and perfect for the Autumn!