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wow.  first of all, how amazing were my lovely guest bloggers last week?  a million thanks to Kate, Roberta and Julie.  you ladies totally rocked it.  I definitely took advantage of that week off and really got some work done!

speaking of work…  Postal Press.  another wow.  I am so pleased at the response from all of you!  it’s been so hard keeping the little shop a secret for so long and now that it’s live, I couldn’t be more happy.  letterpress is one of those things that… totally soothes me.  I’m at peace when I’m at the press and just love every little thing about it.  it’s always been an obsession of mine, fine letterpress stationery, but now that it’s something I’m doing myself, I’ve learned to really appreciate it even more.

right now we’re sold out of a few things, including those hot sellers, the floral scratch pads and pocket note pads!  I’m hoping to have time this week to put together a few to add to the shop and I’ll let you know when they are there.  in the works are more little journals and note pads as well as the long awaited 2010 calendar.  I’ve been putting a lot of thought into it for a month or so now and started work on it over the weekend.  I won’t spoil the surprise, but if you liked the 2009 calendar, you will totally love 2010.  and bonus, it’s letterpressed!  I’m way excited about it.

ok friends, enough babble!  hope your long weekend was fun and relaxing.

{photo by alicia bock}

3 Responses to “thanks!!”

  1. Kate said:

    Ohh, excited for the new calendar! I love my 2009 one:)

  2. HER NAME WAS LOLA said:

    I so enjoyed your special guest bloggers + it really looks like you got some work done! Postal Press looks amazing.