virginia johnson print shawls


I love love love Virginia Johnson’s prints, especially on these lovely light weight merino wool shawls.

sigh… if only money grew on trees.

11 Responses to “virginia johnson print shawls”

  1. amy said:

    I don’t know what I like better, the cool wrap or the gorgeous messy red hair…….

  2. grechen said:

    virginia johnson’s shawls are heaven. i’m crushing right now on the duck print one in purple :)

    i have one from several years ago that i still wear almost constantly during the Winter months – i hate coats, so i layer everything, and a huge shawl is the perfect last touch. they’re well worth the money when/if you can afford one

  3. Teresa said:

    I’m with Amy – loving the pretty printed merino wrap – AND the gorgeous red hair!!

  4. nikole said:

    last year i by chance happened across her shop, love. so great.