2010 postal press calendar

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it’s here!!  finally, after weeks of hard work, the Postal Press 2010 calendar, titled Specimen, is finally ready for pre-orders starting today!

from butterflies and moths to beetles and shells, our 2010 calendar shows our love for nature and vintage botanical prints with 12 unique specimen letterpress printed on each month.  each includes a tiny bulldog clip to display your calendar on the wall and the calendar is designed to be trimmed and turned into a 5.5″ × 5.5″ print once the month is over.  for more details and photos, visit our site and blog.  calendars will ship on October 28 and thank you for your support friends!!

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thanks so much to Grace from Design Sponge for posting about it this morning!  that absolutely made my day.


14 Responses to “2010 postal press calendar”

  1. cevd said:

    it is b.e.a.utiful! i cannot wait to have some in the shop!

  2. jen said:

    These are terrific and unlike other things I’ve seen. Congratulations!

  3. casey said:

    beautiful beautiful work, really alyson! love it!

  4. Brandi said:

    This is brilliant. Frankly, I usually hate this time of the year when everyone starts blogging about calendars — I just don’t usually see the point. They’re pretty and all, but I still flip through the posts like “big deal”. You have totally changed my mind. I can’t tell you how much I love this. I am totally planning on buying it. It’s seriously perfect.

  5. erin said:

    ordered one for my specimen-loving manfriend this morning. can’t wait to see it myself!