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one of my readers contacted me today with advice for preparing a professional and creative resume.

Amy writes, “I am in the process of applying to internships (in journalism and news design) in New York and D.C. and am trying to put together a resume. I have all the business-y guidelines from my boss and professors, but I really want to make it stand out. I was wondering if you had any advice or links to offer about creating a creative and unique resume? Let me know what you think.”

during my final courses in Graphic Design in college, one of our assignments was to prepare a media kit of sorts that we would present to prospective employers.  I bought some really nice embossed paper and sewed the edges of two sheets together then slid my resume inside.  I was pleased with the way it turned out.

so my friends, what do you think?  do you have any suggestions for Amy?

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12 Responses to “a professional + creative resume”

  1. grace said:

    i love it! :) so creative :)

    i love it when people step outside the box and do something creative… totally makes it stand out.

    when i applied to cornell for undergrad… instead of writing a plain essay about a person who inspired me and wanted to meet… i ended up writing a children’s book on mickey drexler (ceo of gap at the time and now jcrew) i got in :) grace

  2. Natalie said:

    excellent post… can’t wait to see what others say. I, too, am creating a resume as I’m graduating in journalism and art this May.

    I change mine up depending on the publication, but I think it’s beautiful to have stitched details. I also create several logos that include my initials and use different ones in different colors to match the general feel of where I’m applying.

  3. Kristina said:

    wow and wow and wow! this is really outstanding! love it! thats how you really show who you are and that you are creative!

  4. Charlotte said:

    I think you should combine your resume with a “teaser” something to stand out next to your resume. The way I’ve seen people use my resume is like a notepad during an interview.
    it might be better to add something to your application instead of making an artwork of your resume. How about a tiny magazine with articles you wrote (for inspiration: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zineparasita/3996404707/in/pool-zinesters/)
    the zine could be a nice way to introduce yourself and your work and it could feel like a little present for the person receiving it.

  5. chaucee said:

    I really like that picture above! That’s a creative resume! Although I’d kind of want it back afterward. haha. And it would be hard for them to file away.

  6. Caroline said:

    If you are applying for a journalism job, you can set up your cover letter to read like a feature article on you! making it look like an actual newspaper or magazine article.

    I used to work in the PR/Communications industry and when I applied for jobs I wrote my cover letter to look like a press release.

  7. Rosie said:

    Wow, this is fabulous. My boyfriend is currently applying for photojournalism jobs and I shared these ideas with him. Thanks!

  8. Elin said:

    Those fabric-backed resumes are gorgeous! Unfortunately, I’ve always been told to keep it really simple, that trying to do too much is more likely to annoy than impress potential employers. Of course, this probably refers more to scented papers and childish fonts, but I think there’s probably something in it. My advice would be to make it stand out by using perfect spelling and grammar (you’d be surprised how many resumes and cover letters are riddled with mistakes), and a nice, clean design.

  9. jen jafarzadeh said:

    these look fantastic! I think they would make a great impression for any job in a creative field.

  10. amy said:

    thanks alyson! these are so great. :)

  11. Melissa Washin said:

    I’m so glad you found my resume inspirational. I made about 10 of these to leave behind at interviews when I was looking for a job after I graduated from college. Even though I’m a graphic designer, I have a huge sewing hobby. I thought this would be a fun way to convey my love for both.

    There are so many ways you can incorporate your personality into your resume and still have be simple and elegant!

    (I did also bring along a paper copy of my resume to my interviews just in case!)

    In the end, I got the first job I applied to!

  12. sarathira said:

    holly macarony! im so loving this, its the smartest and sweetest thing ever. what a way to make a first impression, and im sure you made quite an impressive one my dear. seriously, i love seeing how people just outdo themselves everytime.

    p/s : i found your blog from i am a greedy girl, and i am so smitten by it :)