dictionary of curiosities


Picture 2

a pictoral dictionary with restored engravings of things like bell jars, zebras and acorns?  yes, please.
totally on my Christmas list.

{via lilac & ivy}

16 Responses to “dictionary of curiosities”

  1. Kate said:

    I have a collection of old science books I like to keep and make things out of. I usually end up using the pages to wrap little gift boxes. This one would be perfect!

  2. franny.glass said:

    i literally picked this up yesterday in hyde park and thought “can i legitimately ask for this for my unborn son?”

    i concluded i could not, in fact, get away with claiming it an appropriate gift for a newborn. it’s on my christmas list, too :)

  3. Carmella said:

    Oh, yes, love the sketches! Great idea for your Chirstmas gift list. I recently found your blog, and have so enjoyed all the things you find! Thanks!

  4. Vivi said:

    This is on my xmas list too! Even when closed – this book is so cool. I’d be so impressed with myself if I had it on my coffee table! :)

  5. Dog-Eared said:

    gorgeous. even before i read your caption i thought about putting it on my own list. seriously, stunning.

  6. Courtney said:

    I studied scientific illustration in college and loved dictionaries like this! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. erin said:

    saw this over the weekend. added to my list too!

  8. LIsa said:

    I impulse purchased this when we were shopping for food for our Honeymoon at New Seasons. I thought of you too!

  9. laura said:

    yes I love specimen drawings, my favorite is Ernst Haeckel
    I actually have a post coming up about him…

  10. Casey said:

    this is so great. love the octopus on the front.

  11. Jaeve said:

    i want!!! and i too love the octopus on the cover.