hemingway’s house


I love these images from Hemmingway’s house in Key West, FL, especially that polydactyl cat.

{via secret forts}

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  1. freefloatingsoul said:

    I’ve been there! It’s even better than the pictures… the garden is fantastic- he took a urinal from one of his favorite bars and made it into a fountain.

    Did you know that the US government and Hemingway’s estate/the Key West historical society are fighting about the cats? The government thinks that letting the cats roam is against the Animal Welfare act, even though they are fed and taken care of. It’s ridiculous. The government’s solution is to keep them indoors… But they add so much to the experience of seeing the house…

  2. Courtney said:

    My friend just went to Key West for her honeymoon and has some great pics of the house, as well as the cats. Very cool, I love that last photo. :-)

  3. wendy said:

    The kittehs are the best part about Key West! ;o)

  4. Lausi said:

    Hubby and I went there many years ago and the cats where what made that experience so special. It would be a shame if the government locked them up indoors. Back then they were allowed to roam freely. Like freefloatingsoul said, the atmosphere is awesome there.

  5. Emily said:

    I’ve always wanted to travel here! That cat looks like a Hemingway cat the way he stares so intently and intelligently at you!

  6. Blondie said:

    that cat looks INSANE! I’m so uncomfortable right now!

  7. eva said:

    i love that cat…and they’re his legacy! (along with the books of course:)

  8. The Gardener's Eden said:

    I loved visiting this place. I drove all the way down from VT… and loved passing through all the Keys. This is indeed an amazing house and garden. I am a cat lover, (my cat rules the house, and I have never been without a feline companion or five). About the cats roaming free… I think the issue is the birds. If I understand it correctly, there is/was an issue with the cats killing native and migratory birds. I vaguely remember something I heard via Audubon? Not sure though.

  9. Annie said:

    :P polydactyl cats give me creeps. There was always a lot of them at the SPCA I used to volunteer at. It looks like they have thumbs, crazy little inbred things.

  10. leila wylie said:

    My stepmom’s dad is from Key West and knew Hemmingway. He even owns a taxidermied caribou head that was shot by Ernest! It has a note to him on the back. I’ve thought about stealing it many, many times!

  11. vic said:

    this is amazing. i love that cat.