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I love these hand-woven wool scarfs from Khadi, available at Jumelle.

5 Responses to “khadi”

  1. Elin said:

    Those are great! I especially love the striped and gingham ones.

  2. Elise said:

    That red stipey scarf is perfect! Good thing it’s sold out or I might have been tempted :)!

    PS. I did a little post about the hang tags today!

  3. Kelly said:

    perfection! i love to have scarves of all sizes and textures on hand for the ever indecisive Oklahoma weather.


  4. jones said:

    oooh. I’m searching for striped winter gloves. so far nothing. those scarves are lovely.

  5. Amy Nieto said:

    I need scarves. Elegant looking ones. I’ve had the same ones for almost 3 years. They need to go out. These would be perfect.