right this second…

Picture 1

I’m so:
tired I can barely keep my eyelids open.

I’m patiently awaiting some recent purchases:
plaid & more plaid.
black jeans {seriously, best fit ever}.
a new cardigan.

what I really want are:
lace-up rain boots.

I’m hoping to planning on:
relaxing this weekend.

whew!  what a whirlwind week this has been.  thank you so much for all of your kind comments {and purchases!} of the 2010 Specimen calendar.  I sold more than half my stock in just 3 days and can’t believe it.  so thank you friends.  I’m off for a celebration dinner with my amazing fiance and looking forward to lots of relaxing this weekend.  have a good one!!!

{photo by abbytrysagain}

9 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. beth said:

    I have to tell you: Vintage, plaid, equestrian and oxford may well be my four favorite words. And you managed to get them all into the title of ONE etsy listing. Jealously is an understatement….

  2. Sarah said:

    Wow, I love the sweater and you can’t beat the price on the jeans! Happy weekend!

  3. Shokoofeh said:

    wow lucky you, that first plaid is awesome! :)
    Rest well…


  4. Mae said:

    I love anything vintage! And I love your blog. Have a good weekend :)

  5. Morgan said:

    I am so jealous of that j.crew cardigan. I’m really hoping to get it for christmas, but I can’t wait that long!

  6. Jane said:

    The first plaid looks similar to a new flannel shirt from Gap. But the dress version–is too cute! :)

    -Jane @ brunchatthebeach.blogspot.com

  7. Melissa said:

    I just bought that J. Crew cardigan too! It arrived a couple of days ago and I can already tell it’s going a favorite in my closet.

  8. roberta jane said:

    Cute plaid dress! Seriously, if you decide you don’t want it for some crazy reason, you MUST let me buy it from you! :)

  9. freefloatingsoul said:

    ooh jeans on sale {shopping} but the lace-up rainboots are a little too much for me.