sally scott


lovely images, as always, from Sally Scott.  I especially love those earmuffs and gloves to pieces.

{via darling dexter}

6 Responses to “sally scott”

  1. shanna said:

    i love this last image so, so stinking much! thanks for posting these today, i needed a bit of cheering and this did the trick. xo

  2. Char said:

    Lovin the earmuffs too…my daughter(5yrs old) desperately wants a pair!
    Have a wonderful day…

  3. afton said:

    i attempted to make myself a pair of fur earmuffs out of an old stole and the project failed miserably. i had much better luck on ebay!

  4. Mallory said:

    i’ve never owned earmuffs…. maybe this winter…