science inspired


I can’t help but think it’s a whole category… just for me.

9 Responses to “science inspired”

  1. franny.glass said:

    i’m loving all this stuff from them… and finding it incredibly difficult not to influence rocket’s development into a total nerd by decking out his nursery in science and laboratory gear!

  2. Brandi said:

    This is SO right up my alley as well (being a physics major in college). I still fantasize about the day that I can turn the garage or an outdoor shed into a nice little laboratory/think-tank/office and science paradise…

  3. Annie Empiric said:

    I sell all 4 of these things!! haha. Our look has been the same for 15 years but I guess now it is “cool”.

  4. Samantha said:

    There must be something in the punch. I was searching for vintage lab glass to prop a photo shoot with, when, lo and behold, Anthropologie was already stocked up. Not vintage, but I still love it.

  5. paula said:

    the eye glass wants to live with me, I am sure of it.

  6. Bridget said:

    Oh my goodness I love this! There is a store in Minnesota called Axman that has lots of old chemistry glassware (never used – it’s backstock). Some of my friends decided to make a chemistry barset…it looks brilliant! You can take shots out of the test tubes or the 50 mL flasks, drink beer out of the erlenmyers…so cool!