uniform natural + a giveaway!


today Martha of Uniform Studio launched her new collection and site called U N – Uniform Natural.  if you’ve ever seen Martha’s work then you know how unbelieveably amazing it is.  her appreciation of well structured clothing and love of natural fabrics are combined together in her new collection.  head over to her site, it’s truly a gem. her shop opens next week on October 8.

julia in purple gossamer

to celebrate her new site, Martha has graciously offered one of her incredible Gossamer scarves for one lucky Unruly Things reader!  visit the Uniform Natural site to see the new collection and leave a comment here before Wednesday October 7 at 5:00pm PST.  one lucky winner will win this gorgeous purple scarf.  thanks Martha!!

229 Responses to “uniform natural + a giveaway!”

  1. Vanessa said:

    wowww! what a great prize. i am such a fan of martha and all that she does. thanks for offering the giveaway!!! v

  2. freefloatingsoul said:

    WHAT A GORGEOUS SCARF! i imagine if i had it i would wear it all the time, purple is a staple color because it’s never oppressively bright but it’s definitely never boring. love it. and would –love– to win it!

  3. Jessie said:

    Usually I am not a big purple fan, but I love the spots of purple throughout her collection. Gimme that scarf!

  4. lorna said:

    eeee! this is gorgeous :)
    purple being my favourite colour and the texture looking amazing! wow.
    happy weekend :)

  5. Kate said:

    I love this collection! esp. the dress w/ the the wrap around tie in the front! super cute. love how the purple pops!

  6. MelanieO said:

    Always been a fan of Uniform Studio – I’m so happy to see her using organic and sustainable fabrics. The collection is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  7. Kelly said:

    it’s lovely! most of my wardrobe is neutrals and blacks, making fun pieces like this the show piece :)


  8. Sara said:

    Oh, I’ve been wanting one of these scarves for ages now. So beautiful!

  9. Brandi said:

    LOVE this scarf! And I adore how Martha uses the touches of bright purple in her collection. Just fantastic!

  10. Brooke said:

    If I don’t win this, I’m going to have a buy one of these scarves. Martha has outdone herself.

  11. christine said:

    I have been coveting martha’s line for a while now but still don’t own any of her designs. I think this scarf could be a good start!

  12. mjb said:

    The new scarves are beautiful, as is the dip dye skirt.

  13. Sarah said:

    That looks so soft! I love the color! I’m all about scarves this fall! ;)

  14. Mallory said:

    i’d love to win! i wear scarves every day all winter… it would be so useful as well as gorgeous. yes.

  15. Mari said:

    Oh I pounced on her site this morning and can’t wait for the shop to go live … I am wiggling in anticipation. :) So beautiful!

    Martha, if you read this, congratulations on your endeavour! It’s just stunning.

  16. Brie said:

    i’m from maine….. i need the warmth! haha.

  17. carlene said:

    Oh, beautiful! I always miss out on her scarves…maybe this time…


  18. Sandy said:

    The scarves are gorgeous. What a great giveaway! If I don’t win one, I am most definitely buying one.

  19. Catie said:

    I love the images on the Uniform Natural site; reminds me of a place I used to play as a child!

  20. Alice said:

    My dream scarf. :)

  21. Emily said:

    Wonderful natural textures – I love the cool tones of the fabrics as well! The scarf is my mom’s favorite color and I know she would love to have something like this to keep her warm!

  22. KatiePH said:

    the scarf is so lovely and natural-looking. it would be such a wonderful addition to my collection :) thanks for the giveaway!

  23. kelley said:

    i was so excited to read about this giveaway earlier this morning on martha’s blog! i just love her work…this scarf is gorgeous!

  24. rose said:

    eeep! i have been lusting after these scarves for ages……

  25. kristen gough said:

    beautiful! and such a generous giveaway!

    these photos for martha’s collection are wonderful. nice work, all!

  26. sara said:

    oh wow! i don’t normally like purple but i want this scarf badly. i have one of the summer gossamer scarves and i use it all the time, so i know just how awesome this is. (thanks for hosting this giveaway.)

  27. Leslie said:

    What a wonderful site, and such a gorgeous new collection! I love all the subtle colors and soft shapes. And I would dearly love to own that scarf!

  28. Tina said:

    I’m loving that scarf and Martha’s new site. Cannot wait until the new shop opens.

  29. Sarah said:

    I love UN, and this beautiful purple scarf would be the perfect way to add some color to my wardrobe this fall and winter.

  30. Rosie said:

    I adore this purple scarf and really need more scarves for the upcoming chilly months!

  31. Ermie said:

    Martha is so insanely talented.
    I think this may be my favorite collection of hers.
    She just keeps getting better & better.
    Congrats Martha (and thanks Unruly Things for the give away opportunity)!

  32. Brooke said:

    stunning! and perfect launch of a new collection!

  33. erin power said:

    i would absolutely love to win this scarf… it’s stunning! martha is amazing.

  34. Annie said:

    Been looking forward to seeing this collection, and it’s just as smart and beautiful as I’d hoped. And I’ve admired Martha’s scarves for ages; are flippin’ marvelous. I’m hoping hoping!

  35. Vanessa said:

    I am head over heals in love with purple right now and I love the depth of color in this scarf. I would put it to good use!

  36. Cari said:

    Checked out the collection this morning and it’s gorgeous. I’m loving the spots of purple everywhere, and of course the scarf. Holy moly.

  37. Cristy said:

    This is my ideal scarf. The color is the perfect blend of funky and practical. I would wear with everything in my closet.

  38. Mims said:

    The color’s beautiful~ loves how it pops out.
    I’m definitely in need of one as the temperature is dropping.

  39. gwen said:

    i would so
    love a scarf!
    hooray martha!!!

  40. Jeanette said:

    Wow, everything looks gorgeous, love the scarf as well

  41. Zoe said:

    This is just too amazing. I love the texture!

  42. Caroline said:

    I’ve been wanting a Uniform studio scarf forever! Hence, never available in the colors I loved (yellow.) But wow! Purple. I love purple. Would match perfectly my my dark brown hair.

  43. Angie said:

    The scarf is fantastic! I love how vibrant the purple looks.
    I am also in love with her dresses, the funnel neck dress is perfect. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  44. Anne said:

    I am totally inspired by Martha’s new Uniform Natural line and would be honored to wear her new purple scarf. Thanks!

  45. FOKXXY said:

    What a generous giveaway. Would love to be entered.

  46. camellia said:

    One can never have too many scarves … especially if they are purple and as beautiful as this one!

  47. nicole b. said:

    I am loving that scarf! Such a vibrant color!

  48. Tracy said:

    It’s such a great collection, love Martha!

  49. Hollye said:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I LOVE the scarf – and those purple tights in some of the pics!

  50. Krista said:

    I have been wanting one of these scarves for so long. Every time I try to get one they are sold out before I have a chance. I love them!

  51. alice said:

    Her scarves are always lovely and this colour is great!

  52. missmilki said:

    That purple scarf is so beautiful and I love it paired with the grey. I think grey and purple is combination I must try.

  53. Meghan said:

    That purple is stunning! What a wonderful way to brighten up a dreary winter day…

  54. Annie said:

    I love the look of these scarfs and the colors are so pretty! Scarfs are the perfect autumn accessory!

  55. katie said:

    so gorgeous and vibrant, love it!

  56. Melissa said:

    wow, i love this scarf. so beautiful and elegant. just what I need for my big move from Brazil to Melbourne next year!

  57. Natalie Neumann said:

    OMG!!! PURPLE!!! My favourite color! And it is beautifully loooong! I have a purple “elves”-jacket (it has a hoodie that reaches to my bum, hehe) and it would perfectly fit to that! :)

  58. sarah said:

    would love the chance to win one of her scarves. she always has the best colors and i’m never quite quick enough on the draw when it comes to purchasing one….always one second away from my click being the fastest click. thanks for this offer!

  59. Eileen said:

    cozy and beautiful…love!

  60. Allison Harris said:

    Her collection is wonderful and I would love to own this scarf!

    Thanks for arranging the giveaway!

  61. meg said:

    everything martha makes is simply lovely and the gossamer scarves are my favorite.

  62. Liz said:

    Love the scarf! And the pictures make me nostalgic for my home state MN!

  63. fresh365 said:

    Oh goodness! I may have to buy that purple scarf if I don’t win!

  64. cindy : quaint said:

    martha’s site and collection look wonderful! i particularly love the purple dress with the tie at the waist and the scarf, of course!

  65. Anna said:

    Well, how could I pass this up? Martha is fabulous, and so are her clothes.

  66. Sara said:

    It really is a gorgeous scarf! Very radiant!

  67. genie said:

    Congratulations to Martha! The site is beautiful. And that purple scarf is delicious!!

  68. SVC said:

    Love this scarf!!! The color is great!

  69. Gabriela said:

    wow, so gorgeous, that would brighten any cold day right up!

  70. Char said:

    Fabulous giveaway.LOVE it…pick ME please!!!

  71. rachel said:

    ooooo i love scarves!

  72. Dawn said:

    I heart Purple, I heart Martha and I would look fantastic in that scarf. Thanks so much for this chance and what a beautiful collection :)

  73. lindsay said:

    amazing scarf! it would be a perfect fit for a rainy vancouver winter.

  74. giselle said:

    that color is to die for! her stuff is so gorgeous… can’t wait!

  75. Anna said:

    Just in time for the changing of the seasons! I’ve been admiring these scarves for some time now – – and this one is such a beautiful color. It would brighten up all of the earthy tones in my fall wardrobe.
    I love her new collection; gorgeous! Fingers crossed…

  76. Deema said:

    How exciting! I so admire Martha’s work, and this fall collection is especially nice.

  77. kate said:

    So beautiful, very inspiring for fall!

  78. havilah said:

    everything looks so comfortable! i love the little pops of purple in the photos. gorgeous.

  79. Maggie said:

    This looks amazing! What a lovely shade of purple.

  80. sophia said:

    Oh wow, that looks beautiful!

  81. Kara said:

    This scarf is so beautiful & the color is my fav.

  82. erin said:

    I can’t wait for the shop to open – what beautiful scarves! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Diana said:

    Wow, so lovely!

  84. tiffany jewell said:

    hot diggity dog!
    martha is so amazing!
    if i had that scarf i would be the envy of everyone i know! hehe!

  85. natalie said:

    i absolutely love all of martha’s work! & it just so happens that i’ve been lookin’ at her purple scarf! thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!

  86. callie said:

    sooo very pretty…i’m craving it in this cooler weather.

  87. vera b said:

    oh my goodness. i have been dying for one of these scarves! fingers crossed. so excited to see the new collection in the shop.

  88. JD said:

    I love scarves! That wrap shirt in the collection looks nice and cozy too!

  89. Neza said:

    I love the color and the texture.
    And I’m cold.
    I want that scarf!

  90. elenagold said:

    so very beautiful! that color, wow.

  91. Sara P. said:

    Love the scarf. The color is dreamy!

  92. Kristina said:

    Martha inspires with her work—I have more than one gossamer scarf already, but those fall colors are to die for!

  93. Melanie said:

    The UN line is beautiful and it is so encouraging to see a designer creating in a sustainable and ethical manner. Purple is a lovely colour and the scarf is wonderful! Happy weekend.

  94. melissa said:

    oh, count me in for that! I bought one of her green ones and love it!

  95. martha said:

    oh my goodness. you guys are all so sweet.
    I wish I had 100 scarves to give away.
    thanks for all the nice comments:)

  96. Alina said:

    Her work is beautiful and I have been eyeing her scarves for a while and she lives in the same state as myself. I really hope I win this giveaway and if not then I will be buying one. I am a scarf fanatic….

  97. hanel c. said:

    Wow! it looks so silky sweet. It really goes well with the A-line gray dress and tights. Would like to coordinate it that way….

  98. Kate said:

    I am SO pleased you have taken purple under your wing. Too many designers put it in the too hard basket. Congratulations on the new collection, Martha.

  99. Michelle said:

    Scarves always tie an outfit together, and this scarf totally gives it an edge. Love it!

  100. Amanda Hakan said:

    wow! the website looks great and everything on it is stunning! the scarf looks like an amazing addition to any fall collection.

  101. Martina said:

    Ooh, yum. How badly do you want to touch that scarf?

  102. Ainsley said:

    Oh man – I was just on her site admiring her stuff yesterday!

  103. Rosa said:

    that is the prettiest darn scarf i ever did see!!!

  104. marie said:

    this collection is completely amazing… so thoughtfully designed & constructed. and the photos are just perfect… in awe, i am. what a pretty purple prize!

  105. Summer said:

    Wow, I love Martha’s work and want this so badly!

  106. Amy C. said:

    Hi, I found your site recently, it’s already one of my favorites. This scarf is lovely!

  107. Barb said:

    I love how Martha makes her pieces looks so effortless–I’m sure that means she really labors over them and puts a lot of thought into the process. The new purple colorway is gorgeous!

  108. Elena said:

    Thanks for the giveaway! The slideshow on the site didn’t work from me but based on what I’ve seen here, I’m definitely intrigued :)

  109. jana said:

    beautiful clothes and photos! this is a great giveaway!

  110. Loulou said:

    That color! SO gorgeous. Reminds me of the grapes they’re harvesting around our village right now.
    What a great giveaway!

  111. Jeannie said:

    Oh! It’s so beautiful and dreamy! Can’t wait for October 8th…

  112. cal said:

    wow! i love this collection! so modern, sculptural, and futuristic, yet comfortable, practical and wearable. more designers need to think this way! and the photos and setting are gorgeous.

  113. tia said:

    Please add me to the list for the give away!

  114. Josie said:

    Ooh I would love love love that scarf. Been wanting one for a while, and that purple is killer.

  115. Maider said:

    I fell in love with the color and, of course, can´t survive the winter without a scarf :-)

  116. Alicia said:

    Brilliant colors! Jewel tones are the best. I would love to own this beautiful scarf! Thanks for hosting a giveaway

  117. Heather said:

    gorgeous! i love wearing scarves that really stand out!

  118. casey said:

    I love scarves! I would love to win. what a great giveaway!

  119. amelia said:

    the colour palette used in this collection is so lovely. sign me up!


  120. Jennifer said:

    me, me, me! Pick ME! Over here!

    (Jumps up and down, frantically waving my arms)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this GORGEOUS scarf. Its two of my favorite things, a scarf AND purple. Therefore, you really must pick me.

  121. Corinne said:

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing this collection. Lovely work as usual. Thanks for the chance at a scarf.

  122. Laura said:

    Great scarf! I would love to wear it!!

  123. heather said:

    i love the new collection! would love to wrap up from the chill in the air in a cozy purple scarf!!!

  124. Janet said:

    I am such a fan of all her work, but especially those scarfs (and now they’re in purple? oh my!). I also love reading her blog, the insights she gives into her work are so interesting to read.

  125. Sophie said:

    I could put this scarf to excellent use here in snowy, snowy Quebec.

  126. Ellen said:

    I too am a huge Martha fan.
    Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!
    Wish me luck!

  127. sara berman said:

    so so lovely, it glows!


  128. Alya said:

    The color is absolutely gorgeous! That shade of purple just does it for me!

  129. Julia said:

    What a beautiful collection! And the scarf is just gorgeous.

  130. cynthia said:

    that beautiful purple scarf wouldn’t make the onset of fall seem so bad at all. truly lovely.

  131. lucy said:

    that shade of purple is one of my absolute favorite colors!! what a beautiful scarf- i’d have a hard time not wearing it every day.

  132. Emily said:

    These scarves will be perfect for early fall, or up in boston perfect right now!

  133. Ita said:

    This is a great giveaway! I hope I win :)

  134. Christine said:

    wowee zowee! i’ve been admiring these scarves since she posted a picture of the purple to her flickr site.
    fingers. crossed.

  135. Laura Brown said:

    I really love this purple!

  136. Nina said:

    long time reader, first time commenter! :). love martha’s scarfs, i own a gray one, it is fantastic, would so enjoy a pop of color too. thanks for your lovely blog and this giveaway!

  137. Callie said:

    There’s nothing better than a touch of color and purple is my favorite!

  138. mamichan said:

    I love this jewel tone purple and Martha makes the best clothes!

  139. Julia's mama said:

    Martha’s clothing taught me how I want to wear. I love everything she makes!

  140. Jen said:

    I think that this collection is beautiful. How lovely would it be to win?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  141. rachel said:

    That purple is such the perfect shade! I can’t wait for the 8th!

  142. Alicia A. said:

    The entire collection is beautiful- Martha is incredibly talented.

  143. Kate said:

    So cozy and cuddle-worthy! And awesome scarves aside, that website is bea-uuu-tiful!

  144. Siobhán said:

    Beautiful bright tones to stand out in October frostiness…please please me!!!

  145. Kelly said:

    Sooooo pretty!!!

  146. Mariele said:

    I love scarves for fall especially in purple.

  147. lizzy said:

    are you serious?
    purple. gossamer. scarf.
    you’ve just mentioned three of my favourite things, specifically for this season.
    off to browse the UN shop. thanks for hosting.

  148. jessica said:

    that fabric is lovely. i’m envisioning it wrapped around my neck… yep. i’m in love.

  149. Karina said:

    Beautiful scarf! I will check out the UN site – thank you for sharing!

  150. amy h said:

    I love her scarves. Count me in, please!

  151. Kristien said:

    These images are stunning. Thank you and Martha so much for the giveaway! I would be thrilled to win a scarf.

  152. sara b. said:

    oh-my-lanta! this is amazing! i am loving the purple right now! and i {heart} scarves! going to go linger in the UN website now ;)

  153. Sarah said:

    What a wonderful collection!! and I love the design principles behind this company!! the scarf is fabulous!!! would be a great addition to a fall wardrobe!! :)

  154. Anabela said:

    Oh! The scarf is the peeeerfect shade of purple! Thanks for the opportunity.

  155. Emily said:

    Wow, love Martha’s work, love these scarves — Love this scarf especially! And happy to find a new wonderful blog through this contest.

  156. Grace said:

    Very pretty! Thanks for a chance to win one!

  157. Lily said:

    what a lovely shade of excited eggplant! thanks for hosting another great giveaway, unruly things.

  158. Hende said:

    I’m taken by the gray dress with little beautiful filaments of white running through it. The shape is sharp and I bet it looks great on lots of bodies. The styling of the shoot is cool too–I love the contrast of hot purple and early fall vegetation.

  159. Melissa said:

    Must have! I’m seeing a lot of plum this fall.

  160. Beth North said:

    Wow – Martha the purple is amazing. You are very talented!

  161. Terry said:

    Wonderful scarf, a great accessory. The color is fabulous.

  162. Amy said:

    I really love this collection. Beautiful, comfortable, practical, and interesting. I am having a hard time picking a favorite, but really love the scarf and the wide neck dress!

  163. fern said:

    aye ***
    how i have been.. awaitin fall
    and the enticing arrival of *big* gossamer scarves
    i managed to gather a spring one in a washed black on sale
    and my …what love we have for one another
    shes a daily accessory
    and yet i hanker fer a big’n
    as the winds have stirred in this moon
    and fall has settled in
    bring on that gossamer
    and a mighty hue to color with!
    yeah for lovely stitches and weaves and the uniform studio
    yum yum

  164. Chloe said:

    I love the photographs, and I love the collection. Cheers!

  165. Gina said:

    The new collection is absolutely gorgeous. So pretty!

  166. Di said:

    It’s a wonderful collection- the colours, textures, forms and fabrics come together so well. I love the scarf colour too.

  167. Cherie said:

    I love Martha’s designs and have coveted one of these scarfs for a while now…..Thanks for the chance!

  168. Gillian said:

    oh wow. i’ve coveted martha’s pieces for some time now and this collection is no exception! beautiful work! congrats on the new site!

  169. paula said:

    what a gorgeous scarf and collection. Purple is my color you know:)

  170. erin said:

    Love everything about the material – texture, color, and it looks lightweight enough for a Floridian’s winter. Yes, it does cool down here.

  171. sk said:

    How beautiful. I saw one of her scarves on Erin of House on Hill Road and just loved it. I will be checking out her shop on Oct 8th!

  172. J. said:

    oh boy, how lovely! I love her work so much, it’s always so interesting yet understated at the same time. fingrs crossed!

  173. martina mahdavi said:

    Dear Martha!
    From the idea to make the UN collection sustainable and carry it through to really do was surly an long and difficult way. I admire not only your designs, but although your theoretical approach and your willingness to have a ecological collection for this fall.
    Best Wishes from Vienna/Austria,

  174. ahama said:

    I like this color! It would be great to win (could be a gift from Martha to Márta :) )

  175. Kate said:

    Nice stuff. Could use a gorgeous scarf.

  176. vanessa said:

    the collection is so great! the photos and online journal are fabulous as well. what a lovely find. the scarf up for grabs is lovely!

  177. Courtney said:

    love the purple!

  178. hanna said:

    wow so pretty… I love the purpley wrap sweater and grey vest.

  179. Lily Bee said:

    oh my I just heard geese flying south!! it must be fall and boy I sure need a scarf!

  180. Lisette said:

    What cute items! I especially love that everything bag. It reminds me of I don’t know what but I love it. :)

  181. Kristen said:

    I love the color. I promise I will wear it every day.

  182. susan in ca :) said:

    how beautiful! would love to wrap my lonely neck with that scarf!

  183. melissab. said:

    very beautiful scarf, photos, and collection!

  184. Stephanie said:

    Color ME purple! Love the gorgeous simplicity.

  185. Heather Daniels said:

    Lovely! The texture is amazing. My neck would be lucky to be adorned with this scarf.

  186. trinsch said:

    i love her choice of color and the textures. that scarf is truly beautiful!

  187. martha said:

    thank you again to everyone for your nice comments:)
    you are all so sweet.
    and thanks alyson for hosting the giveaway!