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off, to the philippines!

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well friends, it’s that time again.  VACATION TIME!!!!  dlb and I are packing up our bags, again, and flying off to the Philippines tomorrow!  in the middle of this grey month of November, I couldn’t ask for a better 10 day vacation than a trip to see my Dad, complete with sunshine and warmth.  we’re looking forward to laying on the beach, snorkeling for me, scuba diving for dlb, and lots and lots of amazing fresh fish and mangos to eat.

I didn’t schedule anyone to guest blog since the week of Thanksgiving is typically pretty dead around blog world, so I’ll pop in if I get the chance to share some beachy photos with you.  I’ll be back here on December 1, have a wonderful Thanksgiving friends!

{photo from last year’s trip}


my mission

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on Friday I mentioned that I was heading out on a secret mission.  super secret, in fact.  dlb and I packed up our bags and hopped on a plane to Omaha, Nebraska to surprise my mom and grandparents who were visiting my Aunt and cousins.  a month or so ago, my Aunt called me up with the idea to surprise everyone.  we hadn’t all been together as a family in over 8 years.  it felt like Thanksgiving or Christmas or something.  they were so surprised we I walked into the room.

it felt so special to be able to do that and even more special to be with my family.

{I managed to not take my camera out one time, so this lovely photo is by friend to friend}