baby animals




I can’t get over the cuteness of these baby animal photographs by Sharon Montrose.  I mean, seriously… who doesn’t want a baby porcupine like right now?

21 Responses to “baby animals”

  1. michelle said:

    I have the baby crowned crane and love it, i think i might have to get the piglet also

  2. wide open spaces said:

    i’m dying. i am so not a cutesy animal type person but there are awesome. i’m asking for a baby porcupine for christmas.

  3. Casey said:

    baby spikeh pu-lease. this is way better than cute overload!

  4. Gogo said:

    Oh they are darling! It almost hurts how cute they are. This made me so happy.

  5. Brandi said:

    I just want to love and cuddle them all…even if it means being slightly poked by quills.
    Sharon Montrose is so brilliant.

  6. Vivi said:

    Oh my goodness! Babies! That little porcupine fella kills me. It’s like he woke up from a sweaty nap and no one has taught him how to straighten out his bed head, ur, body yet. I squeal!

  7. Annie K said:

    I never knew that falling in love with a baby porcupine was possible!!!

  8. leah said:

    TOO, TOO CUTEEEEE!!! ah, porcupine!!

  9. Annie said:

    Love it – that porcupine is way to cute for words!

  10. geisslein said:

    Oh my god! I have fallen in love now!!! These are SOOOO LOVELY! Hope you will have a lovely day today1

  11. Vanessa said:

    Ugh… Too much cuteness. I can barely take it! Love.

  12. Mehgan said:

    These are awesome, gotta love that baby porcupine! Too cute!!