new postal press


in case you haven’t already noticed, I’m uber inspired by specimen, botanical and medical art.  due to the amazing response to the 2010 specimen calendar, I’ve been working on some new scientific items for the shop.  the beetle books and other specimen journals have a dark brown woodgrain binding and are filled with fifty sheets of natural kraft paper.  they will be available in the shop next week along with a very small collection of holiday goods.

I’m still working out the details for the eye chart print.  it says, appropriately “Imagination is more important than knowledge” – an incredible quote by Albert Einstein.  I’d love to letterpress it, but I haven’t decided on that yet.  I’ve had this digitally printed copy hanging on my wall for a week or two now, and everytime I see it, I imagine how cool it would be printed on a 220lb cotton paper with a nice, deep impression… swoon, details next week.

if you were planning on purchasing the specimen calendar, I’ve only got 6 left.  thank you so so much for your purchases so far!

17 Responses to “new postal press”

  1. Sarah said:

    I absolutely LOVE the Imagination poster. I will absolutely purchase that and put it above my work space at home. Can’t wait to see what you put out!

  2. Kate said:

    I also love love love all the little things on your shelf to death.

  3. katy said:

    The imagination poster is beautiful; my nerdy scientist self would definitely buy that!

  4. kylie said:

    I would so buy the imagination eye chart, an eye chart for the soul!

  5. debbie said:

    Yay! I just ordered the calendar :)
    The eye chart is AMAZING.

  6. Johanna said:

    I love this science-y aesthetic. You really have a very lovely, unique style.

  7. casey said:

    i love where you are going with this, alyson! beautiful! and i agree, how GREAT would that eye chart look letterpressed! oh, i can only imagine. love all the speciman/science/school things!

  8. Jenny said:

    I’d love that imagination print, brilliant!!!

  9. Jen said:

    I definitely think the beetle pads will arrive on Christmas day in three children’s stockings.

  10. lorna said:

    oh my! that imagination eye chart is pure magic, could you please let me know when it arrives in your shop as i am sure to miss it :(
    i would lovelovelove a copy very much