pretty floral frocks

Picture 4

…from J. Mendel.

wouldn’t that bottom right dress be an amazing wedding gown?  taking note.

13 Responses to “pretty floral frocks”

  1. freefloatingsoul said:

    <3! especially the green one!

  2. julie h said:

    these are gorgeous, fun, and a bit playful. I want a non traditional wedding gown like that! I’ll have to check out his other pieces!

  3. Krissy said:

    I LOVED the J. Mendel collection this season. So delightfully fairy tale-esque. <3

  4. Cole said:

    wow, these are gorgeous…I actually gasped when I saw them

  5. Rachel Dangerfield said:

    Every time I see a J. Mendel dress I die a little. How cute would one of these dresses be with a ban.do headband? (The answer…. very cute)

  6. Shana said:

    The blue and white dresses are awful. With the blue one, I hate to say it, but it looks like someone need some grooming… And with the white dress, what woman wants more volume over her stomach area? The volume needs to be away from the stomach and hips. The proportions are perfect on the orange dress, and the yellow dress comes clothes. Otherwise, very nice dresses.

  7. abby said:

    i would get married in ANY of these!