right this second…

Picture 2

I’m working on:
some brand new things for the Postal Press shop, including holiday goodies and more specimen stuff.

I have and will always love:
a perfect black and white combo.

I love the little cake toppers:
from this cute wedding.

I’m looking forward to:
upcoming vacations!

I’m not looking forward to:
rain, rain, rain this weekend.

happy weekend friends.

{photo by mary wells}

6 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. agneta said:

    Hello, Sweden calling…

    So glad I stumbled on your lovely lovely blog today, it’s always nice to find other blogger out and about on the net!


  2. janis said:

    what a cute simple post idea!!

    i’m glad you have vacation plans to look forward to! hopefully it will get you through your rainy week.


  3. Misha said:

    The best solutions for rainy days is to re-enact singing in the rain or making out with handsome boyfriends till you’re all soaked…

  4. alexandria said:

    This photograph is so beautiful. I enjoy so much all the things you share here.

  5. Sarah said:

    Hope you had a great weekend! Love the new blog layout! :)