the supersecret hiding hood


so… I splurged a bit today.  but for good reason.  last year I searched high and low for the perfect hooded scarf.  even after begging my grandmother to make me one, it was too chunky to be worn as a hood and I wear it as a neck warmer.

when I saw Abby’s post about plainmadeRETAIL, I had to click over.  suddenly there was a hood in my shopping cart.

SO so good.  super early christmas present to me.  and I’d bet if you’re looking for a good gift, you probably know someone who might enjoy one of these too.


17 Responses to “the supersecret hiding hood”

  1. tiina said:

    Oh, that is just precious! I can think of a few people already who would find that the perfect gift to get:)

  2. two brunettes said:

    that is to DIE FOR! I need one! Thats what happened to me with your calendar! I loved it so, it just ended up in my cart :o)!

  3. Joy said:

    Love this! I’m going to have to get one!

  4. lynn russell | satsuma press said:

    I love that scarf. It’s already in my shopping cart, too, only I haven’t gone through with the check out just yet. We’ll see how long I can resist!

  5. Chelsea said:

    Hi Alyson,

    I am so happy you got the supersecret hood. It is INCREDIBLE!!!! It can only be understood through touch–really really special.
    I will get it to you asap.
    best, chelsea

  6. Jess said:

    I love this so much! I splurged at their store today too, I bought the silk “false knit” scarf – so gorgeous!

  7. abby said:

    I REALLY want one of everything!
    Can’t wait to see what the hood looks like on you :)

  8. Lindsay said:

    I am so craving one of these! I try to do this already with my scarves and oversize neckwarmers (CH is freeeezing!!), but this is just so perfect. I am off to check them out!! You have made my day!

  9. Megan said:

    What an awesome find! Not I totally want one!

  10. Megan said:

    Meant to say “now” I totally want one…my bad…

  11. janis said:

    ooooh that looks so comfy! what a wonderful winter invention!

  12. Lauren said:

    Love this, and love the wrapped clutches there too. It looks so soft and perfect:)

  13. beth said:

    Fabulous hood!! My theory is that hoods, whether attached to scarves or coats or cloaks, are worn almost exclusively by people who are up to something fantastic. Fingerless gloves have the same effect. Letters written while wearing fingerless-gloves often turn to be filled with intrigue and adventure. Here’s hoping you and your hood have similar adventures…

  14. abby said:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! love this so very much. a good splurge, indeed.