we’ve got a whole new look

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dlb and I took a teensy tiny break from our regular work this weekend to give Unruly Things a whole new look.  it’s cleaner, it’s brighter, and even a little unruly I suppose.  and….. oh my, do I love it.

come check it out!!

p.s.  the winner of the vintage floral pin giveaway is Hannah of Honey & Jam!  {holy cow Hannah, amazing food blog, by the way}  congratulations!!  I’ll have Jessica contact you for your details.  thanks everyone for entering!

35 Responses to “we’ve got a whole new look”

  1. Vanessa said:

    Oh Alyson, it’s lovely. Well done!

  2. cevd said:

    i like it. a lot. as in a lot, a lot.

  3. Brandi said:

    Beautiful. I just want to stay here all day…

  4. Indrek said:

    I also like it. So clean and simple.
    Although I wasn’t fortunate enough to see the previous design

  5. mosey said:

    It looks absolutely beautiful. I LOVE the background. You really do have impeccable taste!

  6. esther said:

    I love the new look, it’s adorable!

    (I’m a long time reader, I just haven’t said anything so hello :)

  7. abbersnail said:

    Delurking to say that I have a massive crush on the revamp. So, so lovely!

  8. LIsa said:

    lookin’ good girl! I’m about to do a custom wp site for a client, I’d love to know if you guys built from scratch or revamped a preexisiting template for this.

  9. two brunettes said:

    I love this so much it hurts! Its so different, and totally you! I love love love it!

  10. Hannah Elise said:

    You new layout is gorgeous! I love the blue fabric background. It’s such a soothing color.

  11. Hannah said:

    oh, the new look is gorgeous! and i’m so excited i won! thank you so much for the giveaway. : )

  12. Melissa {is•ly} said:

    I was a little sad to see that your old design was gone, but the new layout looks gorgeous! You’ve inspired me to change mine. It’s just lacking a whole lot of lustre.

  13. roberta jane said:

    Looks great! Love the backdrop and new header.
    Might have to hire you two soon :)

  14. mudpuppy said:

    I LOVE it! Beautiful and the background really makes the posts stand out. Great work! `m

  15. {twin set} said:

    it sure is GORGEOUS!!!

    I mean I loved the old one. but I love this too.

    well done. it is lovely!

    Renee x

  16. janis said:

    i’m in complete awe – the design is just absolutely beautiful! love the font too!

  17. Torie Jayne said:

    Hi, I am new here and I love the design of your blog! Have a sweet day!

  18. Shokoofeh said:

    Happy new beautiful look!!! :) It’s great. and yes unruly! :) Just one thing. I wish the background was one surface, not a tile one. I hope you know what I mean! Anyway it’s gorgeous!


  19. jen jafarzadeh said:

    love the new look! so simple, and fresh — and love the tactileness of it, too.

  20. julie h said:

    the new look on the blog is so cozy. I want to grab a cup of Good Earth tea and curl up!

  21. debbie said:

    where have i been? your blog looks lovely, alyson! nice job :)