a rainy barn wedding


I’m crazy in love with this barn wedding shot by Braedon Photography.  not that rain is something you wish for on your wedding day but I love love love that it rained for this one.  and I’m totally loving the boots.

{via once wed}

12 Responses to “a rainy barn wedding”

  1. chelsea said:

    SO in love with this wedding!! I adore his checked tie!

  2. jen jafarzadeh said:

    that red check tie is awesome! and love the shot of her running through the rain.

  3. Sarah J said:

    its so gorgeous!
    i love the perspective of the second shot.
    the trees are just magical!

  4. two brunettes said:

    it rained on my wedding and I wouldn’t have changed a THING! It made it so special! But ya like you said it’s not something you wish for, but if it does happen everything will just be that much more romantic :o) and these photos are proof, LOVE THEM!

  5. casey said:

    i love the sweaters that the bride wore, and the bridal party! yes, i think the rain was a great “prop”!

  6. roberta jane said:

    ok, you know I never check out wedding posts, but this one was so intriguing! The dress+sweater+boots+umbrella = great look. And the whole thing feels very you + DLB, no?

  7. olivia rae said:

    oh wow, SO gorgeous. the rain is so romantic, although i think i would be upset due to major hair frizz. the tie + boots are amazing. xoxo

  8. Lauren said:

    Oh I loved these photos, this couple really turned the rain into one of the best elements of their wedding! Huge fan of the boots:)