hello there…

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hello friends, we made it back safely from the Philippines.  we had such a wonderful trip and as soon as I upload our photos, I’ll share them with you here.  both dlb and I have caught a terrible cold, leaving us pretty useless this week.  so I’m pretty sure I’ll be back tomorrow but until then, here’s a bit of news:

I updated a few things over at Postal Press, including some holiday cards and a little holiday packaging set.  supplies are very limited, so please order early.

also, on the note of the holidays, if you’re planning to order any custom initial cards, which make great gifts, we’ve updated our holiday order and shipping deadlines here.

I’ll be posting again this month to the habit blog, along with the 33 amazing contributers who posted throughout this year.  it’s sure to be a lovely treat. check it out.

hope you all had a wonderfully yummy Thanksgiving.

3 Responses to “hello there…”

  1. abby said:

    Hey Girl!
    Welcome back.
    Hope your trip was grand and I am sorry that you guys are sick.
    Your new stuff looks great.
    Feel better soon!

  2. freefloatingsoul said:

    Feel better! Make absolutely sure it’s not something more sinister, right, because if you actually got sick I’d be sad and missing your blog posts haha.

    Can’t wait to see the photos!

  3. sioux said:

    Hi I discovered your blog through Pilloledimoda and I like it very much. I love every single pics of yours and all the items you talk about. Great style! I added your blog among my favorites.