i’ve got that christmas feelin’


doesn’t this photo make you all warm and fuzzy about the holidays?  it makes me want to rush home, put on some jazzy Christmas songs, throw on some soft, wool socks and bake this.

do you have any special traditions or things you love to do before Christmas?  what is your favorite thing about the holidays?

{photo from herriott grace}

9 Responses to “i’ve got that christmas feelin’”

  1. freefloatingsoul said:

    My family has a couple traditions, including ginger bread houses. We used to make one big one that we would all decorate, and then we made the big one and three little ones so that my brothers and I could decorate our own, and now we make all of that plus extra little houses for the friends who come over to help. What’s really great about this tradition is that my whole family is in to it (even my dad! He makes the dough and constructs the houses!).

  2. Sarah said:

    Growing up we had several traditions including going to see a movie and out for Thai food on Christmas afternoon!

    Now that I’m married we’ve made a tradition of decorating the house and tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. For Christmas morning we sleep in as late as possible, get up for a great breakfast complete with my Grandma’s Cranberry Fruit Bread and then off to open presents.

    I love the holidays!

  3. sarah said:

    I have an early December birthday, so the weekend after my birthday, we always get our tree and put it up. Since I’m in grad school (the long phd haul!), my bday is always a bad time for celebrating, but we do this one thing every year and I love it.

    Once school is out, I bake and make candies to send to my girlfriends and listen to tons of Christmas carols (mostly old medieval and Church tunes) while I make all their presents by hand, which is my favorite part of the holidays, especially if I can watch snow fall while I do it.

  4. Kelly said:

    my favorite part of the holidays is the anticipations leading up throughout the month of December!


  5. Vanessa said:

    Warm and fuzzy, check! We have so many traditions, including our annual party, Christmas Eve dinner with friends and 7am service at our Swedish Church. Looove the holidays.

  6. Amy Nieto said:

    I have to go with Kelly and say the anticipation and the scents on our Puerto Rican food all throughout the streets is the best part. And I’m gonna stop right there because I feel the tears coming down (no family this year for me, booo)

  7. Borda said:

    Peppermint bark always makes me think of your mom!