katie diamond

Picture 5

how pretty is this jewelry from Katie Diamond?  I think it would be beautiful for a bride.


6 Responses to “katie diamond”

  1. Bekvam said:

    The necklace is very nice. It’s so delicate and understated.

  2. Brandi said:

    Oh my! Absolutely gorgeous. I’m so picky when it comes to jewelry. I might have to email my boyfriend a link to this place.

  3. Wearability.us said:

    I like the slight fairytale tinge to the jewelry…is there such a thing as modern medieval? I would guess this is it – the earrings and the pendant/necklace on top look like something out of 1001 nights.

  4. emily said:

    What beautiful simple shapes. I really like the little pendant. It looks like something I would put on and then never take off no matter what I was wearing.