a month or so ago, I started a photoblog called mossière.  call it a scrapbook for scientific/industrial inspiration.  have a look.

12 Responses to “mossière”

  1. candice said:

    I’m so glad you posted the link. I love it! We just bought our first home, it’s a fairly new build and I find myself trying to make it look old and industrial! The photographs you have collected are so inspiring. Thanks!

  2. Georgiebird said:

    Definitely subscribing! The white room (11.11.09) reminds me of a place my mum took me when I was little. An old friend of my Great-Grandmothers had a HUGE room, filled with old furniture, flax bushes, trees and birds (there was bird pooh everywhere). When the birds died she would have the stuffed and placed back in the trees! It was so over-the-top, but so magical and dreamlike as well.

  3. Brandi said:

    Oh Alyson, I do love so much what you do. I’m just such a science geek and I absolutely adore this vintage science stuff. (The bulbs are just my favorite.) Heading over and subscribing for sure.

  4. chelsea said:

    I think I have a new favorite Tumblr Love the layout, name,etc. You are so clever!

  5. darling dexter said:

    yay! glad you have a tumblr…it’s the best place to find and store inspiration.

  6. Tara said:

    Thanks so much for this link!! I love the images you have collected so far…

  7. Rachel @ Little Aviary said:

    My goodness.. you are a busy girl! I love those photos you’ve gathered though.. I’m a sucker for industrial looking “rough” design in unexpected places!

  8. Kristin said:

    These images are gorgeous. What a great eye you have!

  9. Amy Nieto said:

    I think I need to open up a tumblr to put my online inspirations, as well. I have never been able to collect them, especially now that I’m a little strapped for cash and can’t spend much on magazines (but then again, so many of them are folding).

    Also, I am getting quite a kick out of that “TYPE MUST BE HANDLED CORRECTLY” image. *inner type geek giggles*