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I realize I haven’t posted too much holiday or gifty related things this year.  with all the other amazing gift guides out there, I figured I’d just post a few things here and there when I saw them.  and honestly, I’ve been so busy printing and designing things for holiday gifts that I just haven’t had extra time.

anyway, here’s a little list of things that made it to my wish list this year that I think would make great gifts for any of you like minded ladies out there.  I’ve  got my fingers crossed extra hard for a few of them.

clockwise from top left:  laboratory flower vase – $14, forest for the trees bag – $175world vegetarian cookbook – $26.95, glass whale vase – $30, ultra knit weekend pants – $31.50, dory down parka – $97.13, fianna shrug cardigan – £165.00, alder dress – $280.

10 Responses to “my wish list”

  1. Kirsten said:

    World Vegetarian is absolutely one of the best cookbooks, worldly or otherwise, that I have ever seen. It’s full of recipes, organized by food type, of almost any sort of non-meat food one can think of. Two words: kohlrabi leaves. She’s got a recipe for those. I didn’t even know those were edible until reading that recipe. Also, that dress – my goodness gracious!

  2. Tara said:

    Oh, that red dress is so 60’s New Wave!

  3. Jane Flanagan said:

    I adore that dress, the fianna shrug (fianna means warriors in Irish!) and the whale vase! Such great selections!!

  4. Sarah said:

    I love that cardigan. It’s getting added to my wish list immediately. And that whale vase is so, so perfect!

  5. Taylor said:

    the color of that bag is gorgeous. I’ve been looking for a winter coat like that too, I might need to order that myself.

  6. sara T said:

    It says a lot about me that my favorite thing on this list are the j.crew sweatpants! Didn’t know they were on sale!

  7. Melinda storer said:

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