right this second…


I’m feeling lots better:
still sick, but much better.  thanks for your well wishes.

I’m beyond ecstatic because:
I bought a wedding dress.
…and it arrives via UPS today.

so naturally, I’m thinking about:
hair accessories and
pretty, pretty jewelry.

happy friday friends!!  I hope you have something wonderful planned for the weekend.  dlb and I are playing major catch up and laying low in hopes to kick this cold by Monday.

{photo from spool clothing}

13 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Daniella said:

    Aw, congrats on finding the dress! Love your postal press btw, wondering if I can buy the red & white baker’s twine in a larger bulk amount?

  2. Grace said:

    Hello Alyson,
    We are Grace, Pearl, and Rose, and we absolutely love your blog! Every bit of it is wonderful and inspiring. We are working on making our blog just as great- it’s theskytheykeep.blogspot.com. Take a look?

  3. Michelle said:

    Congrats on the wedding dress, that’s so exciting!

  4. Jane Flanagan said:

    So exciting that you got a wedding dress! Love all these links – I’m favouriting that Etsy store and Spool too.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. jen jafarzadeh said:

    how exciting about the dress! have a great weekend nestling inside. that photo is so sweet.

  6. amy said:

    oh a wedding dress delivery! lucky you :)

  7. Allie said:

    Congratulations on the dress! This necklace (or maybe headband?) is lovely.

  8. myra :: twigs & honey said:

    oooh..oooh… cannot wait to see your wedding dress. getting your dress is such a magical moment. :) get in touch anytime! thank you for the link <3 !

  9. lucy said:

    might you be giving any hints on where you found your dress? i’ve only just started looking for mine but am having a hard time because most of the websites i find with vintage dresses only have poor quality, tiny photos and that doesn’t make for good shopping (for me anyways). if you could recommend any good sites you came across in your search i would be most grateful! thanks and hope you feel better soon!!

  10. Truly Smitten said:

    oooh! congrats on your wedding dress! I remember picking THE dress was the most favorite part of my wedding planning! Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Michelle said:

    Have you been to souchi on nw 23rd? Their cashmere is amazing & would be a perfect complement to a wedding — perfect for special occasion.

  12. Christine said:

    Beautiful floral necklace, will you be wearing one like this at your wedding?