specimen calendars

I’ve just added a few more of my 2010 Specimen Calendar to my shop.  the registration on the month of November {which is the yellow comet moth above} gave me such a hard time, and I lost lots of prints because of it.  I’d had plans of reprinting it before Christmas but never got the time.  so… I’m considering this tiny batch “seconds” because the colors on the month of November only are slightly off from centered.  the rest of the calendar is in tip top, first rate quality.  I’m selling these for $28 as opposed to the original price of $38 and there are only a few in the shop so if you want one, grab it quick.

and thanks again for all your support!!

2 Responses to “specimen calendars”

  1. The Modern Traditionalist said:

    Absolutely delightful! I wonder if they would fit in the small easel I have left from my Mrs. John L. Strong calendar. I’ve been searching for something to fill the void since they went out of business.

  2. Kate said:

    Just hung mine up yesterday because I figured it was close enough to January! And because I was too excited to wait:)