things that sparkle…

dlb brought home an early Christmas present for me this weekend.  he knows I like things that sparkle and he obviously knows my love for terrariums.  that boy knows me too well.

for you Portlanders… this terrarium is from Artemisia on SE 28th.  if you haven’t been there, it’s truly a great little shop.  go!  now!!  you’ll thank me later.

10 Responses to “things that sparkle…”

  1. Rachel Dangerfield said:

    This is beautiful! I wish I lived in Portland… I’m jealous of all the amazing independent artists out there!

  2. rachel said:

    That’s a pretty wonderful gift. I wish I had one, too!

  3. cevd said:

    oh my goodness i LOVE this. so pretty. so, so, pretty.

  4. Aubree said:

    Love Artmesia! Her shop is so detailed and beautiful. It’s amazing the amount of time I can spend in such a little space!
    How lucky to receive a gift from such a beautiful store!

  5. Megan said:

    Love this. I just might have to get one too!

  6. danielle said:

    i was in portland about 6 weeks ago and fell in love with this store! I got a bunch of that black sparkle sand too and am going to make some terrariums in the new year!

  7. Amy Nieto said:

    uuuuuuuuu me likes! I’ve never been to this store. hmm.