to chop or not to chop?

I’ve been struggling with my hair style for years now.  grow it long, chop it short, hate it short so grow it long again.  it’s a never ending cycle that I’m ready to kick.  {confession – I haven’t even trimmed my hair other than my bangs in over a year!!}  I’ve been browsing images and can’t seem to come up with a good in between style.

I like this girl’s bangs.  thick, parted to the side and neatly trimmed above her eyebrows.  and isn’t she cute with her red lipstick?

{via copenhagen street style}

25 Responses to “to chop or not to chop?”

  1. Elizabeth said:

    It’s the eternal struggle. I’m trying to decide right now what to do with my hair when I go for a cut next week. Maybe bangs…

  2. erica said:

    oh, this is a hard one. i used to have bangs like that, but i gave in to my hairdresser’s advice and grew them out. i wish i were brave enough to try a shaggy bob.

  3. Jessica said:

    I’ve struggled with my hair since I was old enough to care. I’ve always had a bob, the safe bob, one length around shoulder length or shorter, blah blah boring.

    A month ago, I got gutsy and got bangs, and I have to tell you, I LOVE them. Easy way to create a little edge in your ‘do without the overcommitment that comes with tons of layers or an overly complicated haircut.


  4. Marie said:

    Love her hair- she’s tres cute and stylish, I have been in a similar hair cycle to yours too. I am horrid at styling my bangs well when done to the side though I really love the look!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  5. Jane Flanagan said:

    Oh she’s stunning – I love the retro vibe to her look. I’m trying to grow my hair after years and years and years of pixie cuts. I’m going for a bob, which I hope will be the best of both worlds!

  6. Sydney said:

    I have the same problem, last year I decided to be really drastic in my hair cut and got rid of over ten inches, in what ended up being something like a pixie cut. I got frustrated with that, so I’m growing my hair out again, but it’s such a frustrating thing. I can never find a hairstyle or length that completely satisfies me.

  7. Erica said:

    Difficult decision I’ve been pondering as well. For me? I’m going to cut it really short even though I’ll hate it for a while because drastic is always a good change. Plus, you know it will grow back! 2nd chances left and right they’re more than 2nd chances :)

    Maybe if you go a little over the shoulder, it would be a good compromise?

  8. destined to design said:

    cute! though, i have to say, coming from someone who just chopped off all my long hair, i kind of regret it. it’s much more difficult to make short hair look good, in my opinion. at least after the first few weeks.

  9. wendy said:

    Ha it seems like no one is ever really satisfied with their hair. I’m glad I am not the only one! I am now growing mine out after chopping it off. I love bangs but I have an oily t-zone so my bangs ended up plastered to my forehead at the end of the day. Bummer!

  10. r said:

    i don’t normally comment but i just recently got a haircut very similar to that girl’s after a year of not cutting my hair. some of my observations are: you can’t really get away with lack of grooming, i find myself drying my hair and especially the fringe after every wash (with long hair i just air dry it and it looks all nice and wavy) AND the fringe really changes how your face looks. People were coming up to me saying i look very different and younger. (i’m 21 so looking young isn’t a compliment yet)

  11. Sarah said:

    Best advice- find a stylist that understands face shapes and hair texture. Not all of them do. AND- make sure they are honest with you– i.e. no that length will only make your hair look more stringy, your face longer, no bangs won’t work with the length you like because it will create a box of your face.

    Aveda salons have a pretty thorough training and selection process. Lots of classes required, training and observing. I found my stylist by stopping a woman on the street because she had the perfect haircut. It fit her face and moved beautifully.

    Personally for me, I find that side swept bangs work on nearly everyone, and if you have, fine thin hair, then long typically just hangs there. Layers almost always add bounce and if you can cut 6 inches off your hair and it would still be considered “long hair” then it’s too long to be stylish!

    Just my 2 cents! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. And hey- it always grows back!

  12. kathleen said:

    I did that for years. Then I grew it out its down past my waist now and I won’t ever cut it. I trim some of the ends off about every six months, thats it. Its made my life easier no more struggling over “my look” its all about long hair now. But I do like the gals bangs they are kind of retro.

  13. janis said:

    after trying to grow my hair out looooong for a few years, my hair dresser and i decided that it simply just was not possible for my hair. so i hacked it all off – REALLY SHORT.

    sometimes i miss the girliness + femininity of long hair, but for the most part short hair is really fun! strangers even comment on it (a balloon artist did yesterday!) and lots of my friends tell me that it suits me much better. plus, it takes so little time to style!

    but seriously, i think i change my mind about it several times a week. hair is a tricky thing!

  14. Bekvam said:

    I hear you!
    I decided to start growing my hair out this spring…talk about a long process. It’s growing at a crawl. I had short hair for quite awhile but, my hair is super puffy/frizzy/curly and I was always battling it with a flat iron. I think I won’t have to fight with long hair as much because of the weight.(I also REALLY want to try out the milkmaid style).

    I think you have such gorgeous hair(I saw the Urban weeds pic), I’d definitely keep it long. If you are getting tired of it though, you could always add in some layers and take off a few inches….Then if you decide you don’t really like, it won’t take too long to grow out.

  15. roberta jane said:

    I think you should go for it… or at least a bit shorter with some layers to compromise.

    That lucky girl has the best APC wardrobe!

    P.S. I think we need to have a red lipstick shopping trip soon!

  16. sarah said:

    I just cut mine last weekend. I’d been growing my hair for four years to donate (it was a memorial project, the best way I could come up with to remember a woman I knew who died of cancer in 2005), and I ended up with a short bob. I’m not thrilled with the cut (too blunt for my thick hair, it looks blocky), but I have a razor shaper and the skills to fix it myself.

    But more importantly, after the cut, I bought a tube of MAC Russian Red lipstick. I am so on board for short hair and red lips in 2010!

  17. hanna said:

    it’s cute! I love her boots.

  18. Helen said:

    I have this predicament all the time. I grew my hair for about 6 months then got it chopped to my shoulders again in April. Since then I’ve grown it and am resisting getting it cut although I keep moaning I have too much hair. My aim is to be able to get my hair to cover my boobs though so I can feel like a mermaid haha. Then chop it off again!

  19. Cecilia said:

    I recently just chopped off nearly 15 inches of long hair for a pixie cut. I’ve NEVER done a thing like that before … and was going through the same thing you are — long or short?

    But it feels very liberating, and I feel like a new person … or a evil twin/spy! ;)

    Am already thinking of all the things I’ll do with all the different phases of hair length when it grows … until it is long again and I get bored of it!

  20. Enchanted Royals said:

    The boots! So amazing. Per haircuts, it’s like the blind leading the blind, but if my most recent San Franciscan haircut catastrophe has taught me anything, it’s that starting slow in your experimentation is always the way to go. Chop in increments!

  21. Jaeve said:

    Oh my gosh, I am the same way. I remember when I chopped off my hair in the summer, I wanted it so bad. And now I’m totally anxious for my hair to grow back. But watch, when I have long hair again, I’ll want it shorter! It never ends! JUST DO IT! :)