I love these necklaces from Portland-based duo, Tula.

{available at una}

4 Responses to “tula”

  1. Erin said:

    Mmm, totally agree. Stunning. Such a sucker for fun, eclectic necklaces.

  2. sioux said:

    I am speechless in front of the delicacy of these poems!

  3. Josie Schmidt said:

    Wow! Thank you Alyson (Vanessa, Erin, and Sioux too)- for your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a Luddite and latecomer to communication through blogs, facebook, ect. I think your blog is wonderful, and your letterpress work just beautiful. I am working on a new e-commerce site, and if you are interested in visiting our workshop/studio to see more of our work, please let me know.
    Sincerely, Josie of Tulagems