Monthly Archives: January 2010


right this second…

this weekend, I’m working on:
a “how I’d wear it” for Roberta Jane.  check out her series.
the beautiful invitation to go with these save the dates.
packaging up orders for the Imagination Poster.

I’m still tasting:
black eyed pea soup and a wheatgrass shot from Prasad.

this week has been:
all sorts of emotional.  happy, sad, angry, glad…  ya know, the rollercoaster effect.

but I’m so so thankful for those things that make me happy:
my blog, you readers.
happy music.
and yummy food.

that’s all for this week.  have a lovely weekend, friends.  xoxo.

{photo by mav}



Gasparilla is an annual celebration in my home town of Tampa, Florida.  each year in late January, it celebrates the legend of José Gaspar, a Spanish pirate who operated in Southwest Florida.  the pirates invade the city in a full sized, working pirate ship, take the key to the city from the mayor, and parade down the streets in Tampa, throwing beads and shooting loud cannons.  it’s truly an amazing and memorable time and was such a big part of my childhood.  the parade is tomorrow, and as always, I’m sad to miss it.

I loved finding these historical photos of Gasparilla from the early 1900s, including the famous ship.


the travelled mind

a co-worker tipped me off to a fantastic site today – Natural Curiosities.  the site is filled with so much eye candy, but I particularly love these pieces by Fernando Boher.  his collection is inspired by the concept of the Travelled Mind.  how brilliant!

I’ve been wanting to invest some time to work on our art wall.  right now I have a wonderful poster by Jason Munn, a book plate I purchased from trampoline and a wonderful drawing by Alicia Carrier.  I love them dearly, but I am so inspired by the idea of having a wall filled with art inspired by our lives.


hunter tie

have you seen Anabela’s newest tie she just added to her shop?  I kind of wish I felt like I could rock the tie & menswear look.  I’d order this for myself in a heart beat.

p.s.  I really like the name Hunter.  don’t you?