100 abandon homes

Abby posted about these abandon houses and I’m quite intrigued.  such beautiful structures, simply left behind.

9 Responses to “100 abandon homes”

  1. Brandi said:

    I’m always curious about the stories behind such houses. Why did the people leave? What happened there? Did something go wrong?
    They’re so sad and beautiful.

  2. Brodie said:

    Beautiful and eerie and sad, and almost hopeful I think. There’s a reason abandoned houses make such great photographs :)

  3. Christina said:

    Urban ruin has become almost a touchy subject here. Some people (not me!) are getting really irritated at the media’s obsession with Detroit’s “ruin porn”. If you want to see the holy grail, google Michigan Central train station. Many people want it demolished, but “the indie kids”, as they call us, want to preserve it.

  4. pam said:

    I’m always amazed how homes with such character just get left to be no longer lived in. I’m assuming each has a story. If you are ever in a book store or grocery store, go to the last page of This Old Home magazine. They have one house for each issue that has a story and that is available for free or super cheap in a town. I read each one and think maybe we should get it and fix. Do check it out. You will find it interesting.

  5. Erin said:

    I know it’s romantic to think about their stories, but I don’t know that these are simply left behind. Often, white flight, foreclosure, and economic demise are what is behind the abandoned homes.

  6. Brooke said:

    I just ordered to large (11×11) prints from him for our guest room a few days ago! I can’t wait to see them in person.

  7. JD said:

    I too always wonder about these houses and imagine myself buying them and fixing them up. Or, in my wildest imaginings- squatting in one until its legally mine for free. I heard about that once on the “Stuff You Should Know” podcast, but I’m not sure what the laws are regarding that in NY, or if I’d ever be brave enough to do it!

  8. Christine said:

    I heard about people who move into houses like this and fix them up. Apparently in some areas, you can purchase a house for next to nothing and many artists are now living in them.