today felt like just any regular day.  I guess that’s a sign I’m getting old.

except on this regular old day, I had the most delicious dinner with dlb, ate my weights worth of cupcakes, bought myself a new sweater and conveniently forgot to blog.  :)  happy birthday to me.

{photo from chung lun wu}

35 Responses to “28”

  1. Marie-Helene said:

    Oh, happy birthday a little late! It sounds like you had a beautiful day. I really enjoy reading your blog, and for your birthday, I wish you endless sources of inspiration…

  2. Brandi said:

    Happy Birthday, Alyson! I hope your 28th year brings many blessings. (28 is an awesome age, I think.)

  3. freefloatingsoul said:

    Happy birthday! Who can look at cupcakes without at least wanting to eat their weight’s worth? Not me! Cupcakes are the best!

  4. kersey said:

    Happy Birthday! Sounds like a good sort of regular day. I must admit though, I did miss your posts.


  5. Abbie said:

    Happy birthday! It sounds like your day was fabulous.

  6. Bekvam said:

    Happy birthday! Sounds like it was pretty sweet!

  7. Elissa said:

    Happy Birthday. I just turned 29 so to me, you’re very young.

  8. joslyn said:

    happy, happy, happy birthday to you! sounds like you had a fantastic, splendid day!

  9. Meghan said:

    Sounds like a perfect day. Happy (belated) Birthday!

  10. Beth @ 990 Square said:

    I’m about to be 28 too, and I know what you mean about feeling old! But it sounds like you had an excellent day, I hope mine will be just as great!

  11. myra :: twigs & honey said:

    Happy, happy birthday! I just turned 28 too… a couple weeks ago on a Monday and it felt like every other day too.

    ppssst… I love all your new Postal Press designs. I recently saw one of your Calenders at Ink & Peat. So beautiful in person!!

  12. jen said:

    happy birthday! mine is today… so hello aquarius sister. i am 30 though, so that is ‘quite’ the adjustment.

  13. abbersnail said:

    Happy happy birthday! Thank you for bringing such beautiful things to us every day! I hope your day is brilliant.

  14. Mia D. said:

    Happy birthday! You’re great. :)

  15. michelle said:

    Happy Birthday, my 27th felt like an ordinary day as well. Glad you have a special someone, delicious dinner and cupcakes to celebrate!