a gator nutcracker

this one’s for all my University of Florida friends and family back in Florida.

11 Responses to “a gator nutcracker”

  1. Georgiebird said:

    My brother inherited one of these from my Great-Grandmother. I was quite jealous at the time. They’re actually really well designed and work quite well.

  2. Kerri said:

    eee so funny. Just imagine if you had a guest over and you handed this to them to open some nuts. What a cute conversation starter.


  3. Carey said:

    yea, a fellow Floridian! Go Gators is right! :) :)

  4. Lulu said:

    ooooh i definitely need to show this to my family from Florida, too. this is adorable =]

  5. Jen M said:

    My grandma totally has one of these! Ha!

  6. Ilaria said:

    Lovely! I think I’ll take a picture of mine, soon! stay tuned ;)