a novel romance

I am completely in awe of Elizabeth Dye’s new collection of wedding dresses titled, A Novel Romance.  she’s been posting photos on her blog and from what I’ve seen so far, the collection is gorgeous.

The English Dept. 2010 Bridal Fashion Show is January 31 at 12pm.  even though I’ve already found my dream dress, I’m dying to see these beauties in person.

{also, loving the English Department site re-design!}

16 Responses to “a novel romance”

  1. Emily said:

    I am in awe over this entire collection. She is so talented!

  2. Cole said:

    Wow, these are beautiful, but talk about timing, I just bought my dress yesterday!

  3. giselle said:

    oh my, what a find! I’m in love with the one in the top right… gorgeous!

  4. abigail said:

    Beautiful enough to make we want to convince my husband of 7 years that we need to have another wedding.

  5. Brandi said:

    These are so absolutely gorgeous. I’m looking forward to the days I’ll get to agonize over beautiful wedding dresses…no time soon though.

  6. freefloatingsoul said:

    This loaded on my home page and my very first thought was “oh my god!” These are incredible!

  7. etta said:

    oh…! stunning. that bottom-left one is amazing…

  8. Susana @ MAKE.GOOD said:

    These are beautiful gowns. I also love the objects surrounding her in each image. Whimsical.

  9. amy said:

    this makes me want to get married all over again.

  10. K8 said:

    the only thing that makes me want to get married is the dress aspect…and these are so perfectly simple and beautiful I love them all especially the bottom left on.

    Fashion X K8.blogspot

  11. Fleur said:

    Ooohhh my goodness they are beautiful…

  12. Nini said:

    I want to get married now because of those dresses!!

  13. alicia said:

    i have to admit. . . i’ve been swooning over these ever since you posted them. gosh!

  14. lucy said:

    does anyone know whether i have a chance of getting one of these dresses even if i live in washington, dc? does she ship dresses? i love the top right dress!!