catnip mice

Elisabeth just wrote to let me know that she’s added more catnip mice to her shop.  at the Summer Social last year, where I had the pleasure of meeting Elisabeth, I bought one of her catnip mice with a rattle in it.  it’s Moose’s favorite toy.

Elisabeth has some other wonderful things in her shop such as pretty screen printed napkins and aprons.  if you haven’t already, go check out her shop!

3 Responses to “catnip mice”

  1. francine gardner said:

    love these catnip mice. my cat gets completely high in my catnip border and he is quite a mice killer!! These catnip mice would keep him entertained in the winter months

  2. erica said:

    so cute, and such an improvement from the usual pet store catnip toy!

  3. casey said:

    these are so cute! i want to get one for all my cat loving friends!