wallabee or desert?

I know with spring just around the corner, I should be thinking about sandals and open toed shoes, but I’ve had Clarks on my mind recently and can’t seem to get them out!  I’m in love with the Opening Ceremony Desert boots, but sadly they are a little out of my price range.  I love both of these, but I’m stuck on which of these two styles I like better.  Wallabee or Desert Boot?

so friends, I want to ask your opinion!  what are your thoughts?  if you’ve got them, how do they run?  are the comfortable?  thank you!!  I’m dying to know.

33 Responses to “wallabee or desert?”

  1. Cassie said:

    Oooh, that’s a touch choice. I really, really like them both. Because I’m tall, I’d probably get the Desert Boot for myself. But I think the Wallabee are kick ass and you should get them. ;)

  2. kate said:

    i’m sure you’ve already seen these but i also really like the j.crew macalister boot. i like the smaller sole a bit more than the clarks boos. i’ve been eyeing them for a while now but still haven’t purchased them yet. my husband has a pair and loves them (one of the reason i’m not sure- is it completely dorky to have matching footwear with your spouse?).

  3. martha said:

    Desert boot most definitely -they are a little more elegant. J crew has a version as well, and it comes in grey….

  4. wendy said:

    I just bought the Desert boot in Beeswax and love them! They are super comfortable and great looking.

  5. Sherry said:

    I don’t have either but I’d go with the desert boots…I had some of those eons ago when they were first popular in the late 60s early 70s and I just loved them!! Never got into the Wallabees when they came in.

  6. meredith said:

    i bought the desert boot in beeswax leather just when fall set in, and i think i’ve worn them every day since. i get tons of compliments on them. i think it is more timeless than the wallabee – my mom was wearing desert boots in the 60’s.

  7. Thea said:

    My husband adores his Wallabee’s, but I recently got him a different pair of Clarkes and now he’s obsessed with those ones. I think you’re safe (and very comfortable) in either one. I personally like the look of the Wallabee’s better.

  8. Char said:

    I used to have some wallabee’s but I never found they were very comfortable…desert boot!

  9. Samantha said:

    Desert Boot! I love them both. Clarks makes such excellent shoes.

  10. jen said:

    It is so funny that you would ask this question because I was just bondering the same thing a couple of weeks ago at the Clark’s store. I’ve worn Wallabees and can tell you they are the most comfortable shoe on Earth-if you like a bouncy, rubbery sole. The Desert Boot is SO good looking though. I mean, I am sure they are comfortable, enough.

    In these cases, I just tell myself it is ok to get both!


  11. Jennifer said:

    I have the Wallabees, and they are comfy. They do not have great support, though – I can’t walk super long distances in them and sometimes I turn my ankle because the soles are actually kind of high. Something to keep in mind is that you should get a size smaller than you normally take because they stretch out like crazy. I usually take a 9 and my Wallabees are size 8.

  12. erin said:

    i have a pair of the wallabees, and while super, super comfortable, the thicker heel is sometimes a bit of a bother. if i had to do it again, i think i’d go for the desert!

  13. Miriam said:

    I also had the Wallabees vs. desert boots dilemma. I chose the Wallabees because I’m short! I don’t care so much about the heel height (or sole thickness, to be more accurate) but the lower profile of the shoe makes it better to wear with skirts. In fact, my legs actually look longer when I wear brown tights with them! I ordered the Wallabees a half-size down because of the stretching, and they fit great. The thick rubber sole is so nice to walk on.

  14. amy said:

    the wallabees! so 70’s. love ‘em. i love that you are into the comfy, practical shoes. my friends always make fun of me for my love of granny shoes, but comfort is crucial ;)

  15. Kate said:

    I wouldn’t recommend the wallabees for large feet! (I remember you mentioning that you had big feet before:) I bought them and it was a disaster, as once you wear them one time they get super dirty on the bottom and you can’t return them. It’s something about the front being so pronounced…my boyfriend started laughing when I put them on – he loved them but agreed they looked terrible on my big feet. But I also have a very small frame & large feet (bad combo), and I’ve never met you in person so I have no idea how tall you are! :)

  16. lola said:

    i love them both, but have the wallabees. they’re super comfortable, if a little heavy, and they’re so very quiet i feel really sneaky in them – in a good way!

  17. roberta jane said:

    wallabees…. VERY comfortable and true to size… i have had mine for about 9 years and re-soled once. i love them! Also, my sis-in-law has larger feet (9 i think) and they are so super cute on her and DO NOT make her feet look big!

  18. Laura said:

    I had the Wallabees. I literally almost sprained my ankles 20 times because they are not supportive on the sides.. I would go Desert.

  19. rebekah said:

    I like the Desert Boot, but I love Wallabees. I have two pairs and I wear them almost every day. They’re incredibly comfortable and durable. I’m just at the point, after over five years, that I need to get a pair resoled.

  20. Mary Frances said:

    Wallabees. ABSOLUTELY.

    I have had mine since 7th grade, they’ve taken me through junior high, high school, college and they’re still kickin’. Apparently…it’s impossible to kill them. I actually have two pairs, the tan suede and the brown leather. I love both.

    In response to all of these other lovely ladies: Yes, they definitely get VERY dirty on day one, so make sure you’re for sure in love with them. I can see how people might have problems with rolling their feet, the shoes definitely have a platform-type sole, but you get used to them and end the end they are easily the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. AND I think Wallabees are beyond timeless. I feel like I’ve had mine forever, but my 55-year-old dad still wears his from high school.

    Good luck!

  21. Susan said:

    I recently purchased the wallabee boots and I must say, I recommend them highly! They look great with tights or slim jeans. As some readers mentioned, the toe is slightly raised. I am a size 7 shoe and 5’6″ so they looked fine on my feet, but I imagine for someone smaller with larger feet they might look clunky. You’ll just have to try them on first!

  22. *gemmifer* said:

    I don’t have either, but the Wallabees definitely would be my choice! The Desert boots are cute also, but I feel like they are so overexposed with the J. Crew versions and the like. Also, they’d probably look a little weird with dresses… cut your leg in a spot to make them look shorter. If I get some extra cash, I’d be sure to get me some Wallabees!

  23. destined to design said:

    ooh, so cute! i’ve had clarks on the mind too. definitely like the desert better. more simple & universal.

  24. dstrong said:

    i’ve had one pair of the wallabees for about 5 years now. honestly, i wouldn’t get them again. not supportive at all, make my heels hurt if i wear them a lot, twisted ankles are a sure thing. they look dope, but so many companies make the moccasin look… on the pro side, they are super cushy and quiet… but for the price, go with something different…

  25. Hannah said:

    I have a pair of the desert boots and I really love them.

  26. Monique said:

    Desert boot all the way. Loved ‘em in the 70’s, love them now.

  27. j said:

    i have the wallabees in the org tan color. i think that they’re really cool, they’re really comfortable but now you make me want to get the desert boot too!

  28. Golden Child said:

    I’ve worn Wallabees since High School. I currently own three pairs of Wallabees in Brown leather Beeswax, Black Suede with the leather lining and classic Cream suede. But I think the Desert Boot has made a huge comeback in the past year. The Desert Boot is definitely more trendy and stylish for the time being. I don’t own a pair of Desert Boots, but I want to get a pair because they are a bit more sophisticated looking than the Wallabee. Both are classics though.