emerson made

I know that the adorable flowers and styling from Emersonmade have made quite the rounds on the blogs lately, but I couldn’t resist reposting these amaaaazing tiny rose tie tacks.  I literally gasped when I saw them.  they are just perfect!

{via brooklyn bride}


6 Responses to “emerson made”

  1. Erin said:

    These are adorable. And the packaging ain’t bad either!

  2. Sarah said:

    And they would look fantastic in a wedding party! ;)

  3. Daniella said:

    They’re new to me! How cute…

  4. Samantha said:

    Well I’m glad you posted them. I hadn’t seen them yet! They are adorable. What great styling.

  5. jen jafarzadeh said:

    I’m with Samantha. Love the entire collection! Definitely passing on to a friend who’s getting married. So so pretty.