hunter tie

have you seen Anabela’s newest tie she just added to her shop?  I kind of wish I felt like I could rock the tie & menswear look.  I’d order this for myself in a heart beat.

p.s.  I really like the name Hunter.  don’t you?

4 Responses to “hunter tie”

  1. Mallory said:

    The first thing I thought when I saw the tie was “I want to wear it!”. I’ve never worn a tie before.. but it may be time to start.

    Plus – Hunter is indeed an awesome name.

  2. Hunter R said:

    Hey, my name is Hunter (and I’m a girl), and I’m glad that you like the girl Hunter. I am so excited that someone else thinks that the name is unique!

  3. Erin said:

    I love the name Hunter. I kind of want that to be the name my future son :)

  4. Anabela said:

    Oh Alyson, thank you! I’m glad you like the name, too. I’m not sure where the name originated in Geoff’s family, but his grandfather was George Hunter. I like that.