it’s just one of those days…

can someone please transport me to this magical place?  I need to unwind.

{from nikolinelr}


13 Responses to “it’s just one of those days…”

  1. erin said:

    i had a day like that yesterday. hoping you find a warm cup of tea and a spot of sunshine to help you along.

  2. erica said:

    I had one of those days too. Hope unwinding is within your reach.

  3. alicia bock said:

    You’re not alone. I am so wishing I could be transported out of here. (Or at the very least that my kids were asleep and in bed for the night.) This photo is gorgeous!

  4. janis said:

    hey! i’d like to take a little trip there as well!

  5. Ace said:

    This looks beautiful. I hope your day improves darlin.

  6. Alex said:

    Your day sounds a lot like mine.
    Mine got better after a glass of wine I hope yours gets better too.
    Beautiful image!

  7. Brandi said:

    I could use a magical transporter myself. I’d like to go someplace with a hammock and some warm sunshine.

  8. francine gardner said:

    I just had one of these days, where i have to make the most critical and decisive business decision at the worst possible time…this image is truly magical, i will try to keep it my dreams…

  9. Ashley said:

    I was feeling yucky yesterday and found myself a favorite photo of Paris to post. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. I *think* it helped. Hope yours did, too!

  10. Brittany Barenes said:

    hey just wanted to let you know that i’m a fan of the blog, hope your day went a bit better!

  11. Morgan said:

    oh wow. Yes, I would love to go there right now.

  12. joanna goddard said:

    aw, hope you’re feeling better!!! those days are the worst. we’re sending you feel-better vibes… xoxo