jackson, johnston & roe

I think I could live in the Spring collection from Jackson, Johnston & Roe every single day. pretty chambray shirt dresses, plaid shorts and big chunky necklaces?  warmer weather can’t come soon enough.

have you seen Riley Salyards’s blog, Roe?  she’s one part of JJR and her blog is quite breathtaking.

15 Responses to “jackson, johnston & roe”

  1. cevd said:

    those shorts are really quite wonderful.

  2. katie said:

    oooh i love the purple dress…i so miss seeing clothes like this its crazy!

  3. Jane Flanagan said:

    Beautiful collection and thank you for the link to Roe – it’s simply stellar!!

  4. Meghan said:

    Yes, yes, yes. I’ll take one of everything, please!

  5. Amy Nieto said:

    Maybe you could wear the white one and I’ll wear the purple and we’ll strut around Portland with our awesomeness. I think it’s a sound plan, Alyson.

  6. Shara said:

    Does anyone know where those necklaces are from?

  7. alyson said:

    hey Shara! I think the jewelry is from Samma by Hanna Sandin. it’s wonderful, isn’t it!?