lisa warninger + portland boudoir mini photoshoot

you probably best know Lisa Warninger as the lady behind the camera on Urban Weeds.  but have you seen how talented of a photographer she is?  I popped on to her blog today, Urban Sunroom, which is a collaboration between herself and stylist Rebecca Westby, and was seriously blown away by this shoot, Melissa at the Falls.  seriously stunning work.

and Portlanders, you’re in luck!  looking for something special for Valentine’s Day?  Lisa is scheduling Boudoir mini photoshoots January 24 and 25.  Makeup, wardrobe, set, location, photography.  it’s bound to be amazing.

7 Responses to “lisa warninger + portland boudoir mini photoshoot”

  1. Char said:

    I adore her photos…thanks for sharing…I’ll be sure to pop over there.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Jane Flanagan said:

    Stunning shots! She’s one of the many reasons I want to visit Portland!

  3. Piper said:

    Thanks for sharing this – the photos are lovely – i’m off to check out urban weeds!! p.s. your blog is just great, love what you post!

  4. Monique said:

    Wow! Great photos. Though I’m not sure if I am happy to see them. It officially makes me the suckiest photographer ever.