new from postal press

I’ve just updated Postal Press with some fun new things, including a limited edition Imagination Poster as well as some new customizable stationery.  see what’s new here.

I’ve been having fun printing on manila tags.  I printed an edition tag to include with the Imagination Poster which turned out really great.  I also just finished a save the date for two of my friends that I letterpressed onto the tag.  I thought would be really cute if the tags were hung from calendars to save their date.  the tags were attached to a digitally printed card and wrapped with a little piece of paper to instruct how to use it.  I thought they turned out really cute and I’ve decided to list a set in my shop if you’d like a fun, unique way to send out your save the date too!

11 Responses to “new from postal press”

  1. Sarah said:

    You know I can hardly wait to purchase that print. And the S cards, did you design that with me in mind?! ;)

  2. chelsea said:

    you should be so proud of your work, alyson!!! these look awesome.

  3. laura said:

    I love the sea fan in the back ground, I’m in the process of making earrings out of one.

  4. Laura said:

    Beautiful job! Your idea is cool and the rhyming too!

  5. emily // the daily smudge said:

    Beautiful… all of it! Love your postal press work and am now so glad have discovered your blog (That imagination poster is especially stunning!)